How To Record DLink Camera To Hard Drive

For how to record DLink camera to hard drive, the Dlink Camera Recorder can simultaneously record videos, give a live view, or playback recorded video from up to four myDlink cameras. It can store camera video on up to two attached USB external hard drives. It can record schedule or motion-based recording with high-quality audio and video. It has an easy and quick setup with auto-camera discovery. It has a compact size so you can place it anywhere virtually. You can download the free myDlink View app for remote access and the myDlink web portal for local viewing. This Software offers scheduled manual and motion recording options to meet users demands specifically. Recorded files can be browsed according to video type or chosen within the user interface for editing, playback, or ASF/AVI file conversion.

how to record dlink camera to hard drive

DLink IP Camera Recording

Download and install the DLink ViewCam software and add the camera to it by selecting General settings. Choose Settings and select the Camera tab. You can search the camera to detect it or directly insert the camera. Select the box field to choose the camera. Type the User Name and Password to access the camera’s Web Configuration. Choose the OK button and the camera will be added to the software. Select the Always Record option and the recording gets started by choosing OK.

How To Record DLink Camera To Hard Drive

Download the D-Link D-ViewCam software and add the camera in it. Open the software and select the camera. Choose or create a Schedule and select Configure. Under Mode, ensure that Always Record is chosen. Click OK to start recording. Select the Execute Playback System button and the Playback System General User Interface will be displayed on the screen. Select the Date Time Search Dialog button. Highlight and drag over the red recorded line. Choose the OK button to finish the process.

How To Record DCS933 DLink Camera To Hard Drive

  • Install the D-Link D-ViewCam software and add the camera to it.
  • Open D-ViewCam and select Schedule Configuration.
  • Choose the Camera you need to apply the recording schedule to, create or choose a Schedule, and select Configure.
  • Now under Mode, make sure that Always Record is chosen.
  • Under the Time section, specify the time when you need the recording to occur and choose OK.
  • If you need to record an Audio, make sure to choose Record Audio from the Audio section and move to next step of how to record DLink camera to hard drive.
  • Select OK to close the Encoding Options and choose OK again to close the Schedule Configuration page.
  • Select the Start Menu and choose Start Recording Schedule.
  • Now, a red circle will appear on the top-right corner of each camera with Recording Configured which indicates that it is recording.

How To Record DLink Camera To NAS

  • Log in to the camera through the web interface. Enable Motion Detection and choose the Setup tab.
  • Select the Event Setup on the left side.
  • Choose Add under Server and enter the desired server name in the field given.
  • Select Network Storage and enter the information in the fields.
  • Choose Save Settings.
  • Select Add under Media and enter the Media Name in the field. Choose the Snapshot button or Video Clip and configure the settings.
  • Select Save Settings and choose Add under Event.
  • Now under Event, enter the Event Name in the field and check the Enable this Event box.
  • Under Trigger, select the Video Motion Detection button. Mark the Detect Motion In checkbox for the motion detection screen which will be monitored at the event.
  • Under Action, check the box for the server and drop-down to the Media name created before. Finally, select Save Settings.

DLink IP Camera Recording Software

The D-VideoCam Video Management Software enables cameras to record motion. It ensures the best quality and performance in critical applications. The software also provides enhanced surveillance and security with its Event Action feature. It also enables users for how to record DLink camera to hard drive to monitor a live feed on one computer while watching a recorded file on another one. You can export or import files to access surveillance settings across devices. It can record video up to 600000 frames per day in a camera. Using the map mode, you can create maps depending on camera locations and orientations. It can support the live view of up to 64 channels, remote playback of 16 Channels, and multi-screen display. It is available for free in the official site of D-Link router. You will be able to manually control your cameras in crucial situations.

dlink camera recording software

DLink Camera Record To The Cloud

D-Link offers Cloud recording feature in its camera recorders. You need to create a myD-Link Cloud account to which you can record every motion. This feature is available for free or can be availed for a cost depending on the period for which the videos are retained on your account.

How To Record DLink Camera To The Cloud

  • Install the myD-Link app on your device. If you already have an account, sign into it.
  • Tap the menu icon on the app and select the Cloud Recording option.
  • Select the Subscribe option at the bottom of the Cloud Recording screen.
  • Choose a suitable plan and select the Subscribe Now option.
  • Tap OK to confirm your choice.
  • When the subscription successful message appears, select the Next option.
  • If you have multiple cameras installed, select the one for which you want to turn on the cloud recording.
  • Tap the checkmark next to Activated Devices and then enable the recording.
  • To set up a recording, select the Settings option from the menu bar.
  • Choose the Automation option and then select the ‘+’ sign at the top of the Automation screen.
  • Rename the Automation name and then select the Video Recording option as the Automation type.
  • Create automation rules. The Automation will be enabled and all the motion will be recorded to Cloud.

DLink WiFi Camera Won't Connect To DLink Camera Recorder

  • Ensure that your camera is connected to the Wi-Fi network to which the recorder is connected.
  • If you have enabled any firewall software on your router that will block UDP connections, disable Dlink router firewall temporarily and try connecting the camera to the recorder.
  • The camera's firmware may have been outdated. Open a browser and enter the IP address of the camera in the address bar and work on how to record DLink camera to hard drive.
  • Select the Maintenance option from the myD-Link app and then choose the Firmware Upgrade option.
  • Once the firmware is downloaded, click Browse to select the downloaded firmware. Click the Upload option.
  • Ensure that the camera is properly set up in the myD-Link account. Check if you can access the camera from your App.
  • If the issue persists, press the Reset button on the recorder and establish a new connection.

How To Change WiFi On DLink Camera

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