Apple Router Blinking Yellow

Apple produces the AirPort devices, which helps you create an access point for a wireless network for connecting your Wi-Fi devices. Apple AirPort devices use the status lights to indicate the problems. When the Apple router is blinking yellow, try out the below steps to resolve the Apple router blinking yellow issue.

Apple Router Blinking Yellow

1. Set up the router network

If the computer does not detect the router network, retry to connect to the network following the given steps.

  • On your Mac connected to the AirPort, click the Wi-Fi icon at the upper-right corner on the dock.
  • Following that, click the Go menu and select Applications.
  • In the Applications folder, double-click the Utilities folder and then open the AirPort Utility application.
  • When the AirPort Utility window opens up, check the name of the base station and click Continue.
  • Follow the guided instructions on the screen to set up the network successfully.

2. Reset the AirPort device

  • When you cannot fix the blinking light on the device, go on to reset the device and set it up again.
  • The Apple base station should have a power connection when performing the reset operation to resolve Apple router blinking yellow issue.
  • Perform a soft reset on the device by pressing the reset button for one second.
  • When you release the button, the status indicator light flashes on the router.
  • Next, launch the AirPort Utility on the screen and select the base station you have to configure.
  • Click the Edit menu, modify the settings, and select Update.
  • If the soft reset does not stop the flashing light, press the reset button for 5 seconds.
  • Following that, the status light flashes and the router restarts.
  • Open AirPort Utility on the computer and select Edit beside the base station name.
  • Complete the configuration settings and click Done to finish the setup.
  • If the light does not stop flashing in yellow, you can factory reset the base station to remove all the settings and change it to the default factory settings.
  • Remove the power connection for the base station.
  • Now, plug the power cord to the outlet while you hold the reset button for 6 seconds until the status light flashes.
  • After the base station restarts, configure the settings and save them. This should solve the Apple router blinking yellow issue.

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