Arris Router Bridge Mode No Internet - [SOLVED]

You can configure your Arris router in Bridge mode and connect multiple wireless devices (computer or smartphone) to the router. After setting up the router in Bridge mode, if you cannot connect to the Internet, perform the following simple troubleshooting steps to resolve the Arris router bridge mode no internet.

Basic troubleshooting

 Arris Router Bridge Mode No Internet

  • Make sure your router’s power cord is connected to the power outlet and the router is turned on.
  • Ensure that the network (Ethernet) cable is securely connected between the router and your computer.

Continue with the following steps to resolve the Arris router bridge mode no Internet problem.

Placement of your router

  • First, move your Arris router closer to your wireless device. This will improve signal transmission.
  • Make sure the router is far away from the direct sunlight and any metal obstructions.
  • If the router is nearer to signal interference (Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, transformers, heavy-duty motors, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, and refrigerators), keep the router away from them.

Reset the router using the Reset button

Step 1

  • Locate the Reset button on the router’s rear panel and hold it for 5-10 seconds.
  • The Power LED starts to blink.
  • Lastly, all the LEDs on the router’s front panel would turn off.

Step 2

  • Wait until the Power LED turns on automatically.
  • This ensures that the router has been reset to the factory default settings.
  • Check if you can access the router’s web GUI. If not, perform a hard reset.
  • If you can access the web GUI, proceed further and check if the Arris router bridge mode no Internet problem has been resolved.

Bridge mode setup

By default, the Arris router operates as a gateway and provides Internet access for multiple devices. So, it serves both as a modem and router. Once the Bridge mode is enabled, the router function will be turned off automatically and the router will receive the public IP address.Even after enabling the Bridge mode, the Arris router will act as a firewall if you have enabled the firewall feature. Here are the steps to enable the Bridge mode in the Arris router.

Step 1

Open a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Step 2

  • Type admin in the Username field.
  • In the Password field, enter admin.
  • Click Login on the Login page and proceed to resolve the no internet problem.

Step 3

On Arris TG862 router:

  • When the System Basic Setup page appears, navigate to the LAN Settings tab to solve Arris router bridge mode no internet.
  • Click the NAT Mode drop-down menu and select the Bridged option.
  • Once you see the Restarting your router is recommended when NAT settings change message, click the OK button.

On Arris SBG6580-2 router:

  • On the router’s home page, click the Basic tab and choose the Setup option.
  • Navigate to the Gateway Mode drop-down menu and choose the Bridged option.
  • Now, you will see the The device has been reset message on the screen.

Step 5

  • Wait until the router restarts and check if the Arris router mode no Internet problem has been resolved.
  • If you have any doubts about resolving the Arris router bridge mode no internet problem, get help from our technical experts by clicking the Call button.

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