Belkin Router Losing Connection

The primary reasons for the wireless network connection failure are given below, and the solution to fix the issue is discussed.

Improper wireless settings:

  • If the Wi-Fi network of the Belkin router uses a security code or network password, then make sure the password is correct. The devices connecting to the Wi-Fi router network have to use the safe network password.
  • For a stable wireless connection, the network needs to be protected using WPA or WEP security service.

Poor Wi-Fi network:

  • Placing the Belkin router at a long distance from the devices connected weakens the Wi-Fi network, therefore keep the router at a suitable distance where the wireless connection is stable for the other devices.
  • Maintain the line of sight between the router and the connecting device for a stable connection.

Loose network cables:

  • Check if the Ethernet cables connecting the router to the devices are secure, if the cables are loose, then tighten the cable ends.
  • Unplug the power adapter & the power cable from the socket, and then reconnect the power cable. 

The intrusion of electronic devices:

  • The electronic devices placed between the router and the connecting devices can hinder the wireless network connectivity. So, remove the other high frequency interfering devices from the path between the router and the devices.
  • If those electronic devices cannot be replaced, then turn off the devices while using the Wi-Fi network.
Belkin Router Losing Connection

Fluctuating power supply:

  • When the power supply to the router is fluctuating, the wireless network connection gets unstable, and the router cannot connect further.
  • In such a case, use a power stabilizer and solve the power issues.
  • Disconnect the router from the power supply and plug it again to ensure proper connection.

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