How To Solve Belkin Router Wps Button Flashing?

 Belkin Router Wps Button Flashing

No idea why your Belkin router WPS button flashing or blinking? Here are the reasons for it and the solutions as well.

The Belkin router’s WPS button blinks in the 2 stages.

  • When searching for a WPS device to connect to
  • When failed to connect to the Internet
  • When you press the WPS button on your router’s control panel, the green light starts to blink.
  • Once your Belkin router is connected to the Internet, it becomes solid green.
  • If the blinking green light turns amber, then it means the attempt to connect has failed.

To resolve the internet connection issues of a Belkin router, perform the simple step-by-step instructions given below.

Restart your Belkin router and the modem

  • To do so, first, turn OFF your devices (modem and router) and disconnect the power cables from them.
  • Wait for around 30 seconds and then reconnect the power cables.
  • Power on the modem and the Belkin router.
  • Now, reconnect the router to the modem and check if the router internet connection issue has been resolved.
  • If the issue persists, then try the next method discussed below.

Update the Wireless driver

  • Sign in to your Windows computer as an administrator.
  • Open the Device Manager window.
  • Click Properties followed by Device Manager.
  • Select your network/Wi-Fi driver and right-click on it.
  • Click the Update option.
  • Once the update process completes, try to connect to the Internet.
  • If you encounter an error while performing the update process, uninstall and reinstall the driver file.
  • Update your router's firmware if available.
  • Now, check if the Belkin router wps button flashing issue is resolved.
  • Reset your Belkin router if the issue remains unresolved.

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