Connecting A Netgear Router To Another Router

connecting a Netgear router to another router

connect a NETGEAR router to the TP-Link router.

  • If you want to connecting a Netgear router to another router first, you need to identify your TP-Link router’s Wireless Network Name and password.
  • To do it, connect your computer to the TP-Link router over a wireless or wired network.
  • Now, find your TP-Link router’s IP address using the CMD window.
  • Open the Command Prompt window.
  • Type the ipconfig command. Tap the Enter button.
  • Your TP-Link router’s IP address will be displayed beside Default Gateway.
  • Now, open the Google Chrome or Safari web browser.
  • Type your TP-Link router’s IP address in the search field.
  • Enter your router’s credentials in the given fields to sign in.
  • Click the Wireless 2.4GHz tab followed by Wireless Security.
  • Note down the network’s name and password.
  • Log out of the TP-Link router’s web access page.
  • Now, connect your NETGEAR router to the computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect your computer to the NETGEAR router’s network.
  • Type the NETGEAR router’s IP address in your web browser’s search field.
  • Tap the Enter button. Go to the Wireless tab.
  • In the Name or SSID field, type the TP-Link router’s name.
  • Similarly, in the Password field, type the TP-Link router’s security key. Make sure to enter the network name and password correctly.
  • Now, go to your NETGEAR router’s Advanced tab.
  • Expand the WPS Wizard tab. Click on the Advanced Setup sub-tab followed by the Wireless Access Point command line.
  • Click the checkbox beside the Enable Access Point mode option.
  • Scroll down the screen. Verify the installed information.
  • Click the Apply button. Now, turn off both the routers.
  • Get an Ethernet cable and connect the TP-Link router to the NETGEAR router using it.

That’s it! Turn on both the routers and start accessing the network from anywhere within the router’s range after connecting a Netgear router to another router.

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