D-Link Dir-809 Router Setup - Complete Steps

 D-Link Dir-809 Router Setup

The D-Link DIR-809 router has a built-in IEEE 802.11 ac compliant device that allows you to access high-speed internet on multiple computers. This wireless router is faster than 802.11 /g/b devices. Features of the DIR-809 router are ultimate fast wireless networking, compatible with 802.11 a/g/n devices, advanced firewall features, and user-friendly easy setup wizard. This section will help you perform the D-Link DIR-809 router setup.

Step 1: Manual setup

  • First, place your router, modem, and computer closer.
  • Connect the D-Link router to your computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Using another network cable, connect your modem to the computer.
  • Connect the modem and your router to the power outlet and turn them on.

Step 2: Web-based configuration

You can perform the web-based configuration using either D-Link Easy Setup Wizard or by Manual setup (advanced users only). This section explains how to setup D-Link DIR-809 router using the Easy Setup Wizard.

Using D-Link Easy Setup Wizard

  • If you’re performing the router setup for the first time, then as soon as you open a web browser on your PC, the Wizard Setup Screen window will open up.
  • If the Wizard Setup Screen window fails to open up, enter the IP address in the search field of the browser and tap Enter. Now, in the LOGIN window, enter your router’s default username and password.
  • Click the Login button.
  • Now, in the Network window, go to the Internet Connections section. Choose your connection type from the drop-down menu and enter your username & password in the corresponding fields.
  • Navigate to the Wireless Connections section and set the wireless network brand of your desire.
  • Finally, click the Connect button.

Congratulations! Your D-Link DIR-809 router setup is complete.

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