How To Change Channel On Netgear Router

To change the channel on the Netgear router, first, you need to open a web browser on the mobile device or computer that is connected to the router’s network. Enter the address which opens the login window. Now, enter the username and password in which the default username and password are Admin and Password respectively. The username and password are case-sensitive. The basic home page gets displayed. Choose Wireless which displays the Wireless Settings page. Choose the region from the Region menu and number from the Channel menu. Press the Apply button and the settings get saved and end the process of how to change channel on Netgear router.

how to change channel on netgear router

10 Steps: How To Change Channel On Netgear Wireless Router

Step 1: Now, improving signal strength is not like adding more lights to get a brighter living room. Devices that transmit powerfully, like access points, routers, and cell phone base stations can interfere with one another. To prevent it, place them as far apart as possible and make sure they use separate channels. The devices that use 802.11b and 802.11g can be tuned to one of the 13 channels in Europe and 11 channels in North America. If you detect interference from overlapping wireless networks, each network should use one of these non-overlapping channels. Now, these are channels 1, 6, and 11 in the USA and channels 1, 7, and 13 in Europe. They allow three networks to use the same space with minimum interference. Else, select channels as widely spaced as possible and move to the second step for how to change channel on Netgear router.

Step 2: For illustration, use channels 1 and 6 or channels 4 and 10 which are 5 channels apart from each other. Instead of covering everywhere in your home, use a combination of access points, antennas, and other equipment to create local spotlights of strong transmission. You can’t completely avoid interference by just using other channels. Wireless protocols 802.11b and 11g have three non-overlapping channels. Now, when four or more channels are used in the same area, the level of interference can increase notably. If both the persons have a router and a wireless access point, a total of four powerful transmitters are in close proximity and they experience some interference. If you experience a severe problem, talk to your neighbors using wireless networks that can be seen when you scan. You can also choose optimal channels for the respective networks.

Step 3: Tune the equipment to channels that are at least five channels apart. You can use channels 1 and 8 and the other one can use 5 and 11. Setting Power to half or quarter can be considered. You need to place the routers and access points farther away from each other in homes. There are many physical barriers that reduce the transmission range. To shift an antenna, use either a directional antenna or an antenna cable. Interference causes the network performance to drop. So, to reduce noise, you can also reduce the amount of network data being transmitted. In a noisy environment, it may be useful to keep your network wired. If Ethernet cabling is not an option, consider Netgear’s powerline products that use existing home electrical wiring instead of patch cables. When the network name or SSID is being broadcasted, it’s the easiest for a piece of equipment to find the strongest signal.

Step 4: This also causes network overhead. When the network name is broadcasted, your neighbor’s equipment may keep a record of it and automatically try to connect several times. This can also cause a significant performance reduction. If a network is near, switch off SSID broadcast and change the default SSID. Switching off WEP and WPA security can increase the network throughput, but it exposes the network to hackers. Netgear does not suggest turning off WEP or WPA except for testing reasons. If you cannot access the internet in the Netgear router, disconnect the router and connect the computer directly to the modem. Log in to the router settings page. Select the Smart Wizard Test button to access the Netgear online test page. Under the Router status, check if the router gets a valid IP address. Make sure that all the cables attached to the router and the computer are secure. Check if the internet LED is lit. If you are using the device that is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable, check if the LEDs for the ports with cables are lit. If the port LED with an Ethernet cable is not lit, move the cable to a different port on the back side of the router.

Step 5: Now if you are using a wireless device, check if the LED on the wireless adaptor is lit. For maximum throughput and minimum interference, channels 1, 6, and 11 are good choices. But, depending on the other wireless networks, one of these channels may be a better option than the others. For example, if you are using channel 1, but someone else is using channel 2, you need to change to channel 11 to fully avoid the interference. Also, you can use channel 6. The 5GHz channel band (802.11n and 802.11ac) offers free space at higher frequencies. It offers 23 non-overlapping 20MHz channels. Now you have completed half of the process of how to change channel on Netgear router, move to next step for further solutions.

Step 6: You may be already on the best Wi-Fi channel. So, check if the internet is fast. Check if there are too many wireless devices. Make sure the distance covered between them is not too much. To pick the best Wi-Fi channel, hold the Option key in MacOS while you tap the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar. You can see Open Wireless Diagnostics in the resulting dropdown menu and choose it. When a dialog box gets opened, select Next. Navigate to the menu bar and select Window - > Scan.

Step 7: Choose Scan Now and you can see the list of networks found. You can scroll for more info in the right within the network, like the current channel and channel width. For Windows, you can download the app called Wi-Fi Analyser from the Windows Store. Install and select the Analyse tab to view the graph. You can see the channels easily. You can use NetSpot for other versions in Windows. In Android, the Wi-Fi Analyzer app is available for free. It shows the graph and has the advantage of being able to move around.

Step 8: This helps you to identify Wi-Fi dead spots within the home. Wi-Fi Analyzer also displays the Channel Rating screen. It also suggests you better channels. You can also use Acrylic Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Scanner, or linSSID. Avoid interferences between the channels of the Netgear router since it is because of Co-Channel interference, Adjacent channel interference, and Non-Wi-Fi interference. You can also use Signal meter in Wi-Fi Analyzer for the best possible location in the wireless router.

Step 9: Using the signal meter, you can walk and see where the signal is strong in the areas and make adjustments as required. The AP list view can be used to quickly view the details about the network and neighboring wireless networks. You can’t remember the security method and the AP List helps you to check if your network is still secured. You can use the above ones to know about the best Wi-Fi channel in the Netgear router without any interferences. You can also use NetSpot to know about Wi-Fi signal strength meter.

Step 10: There are various other apps in Android which helps us to know about the best Wi-Fi channel in Netgear routers. Router Channel 14 is banned. The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi has 13 different Wi-Fi channels, but it can vary according to the local regulations like 11 in some countries. These channels represent the full spectrum of the given frequency space for Wi-Fi in Netgear routers in case of channel switching. The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is slower but it can penetrate through walls. The 5 GHz Wi-Fi is faster but it does not go through the walls. It is best to stick on to 20 GHz Wi-Fi on a less congested channel. It should not exceed more than 40 MHz. There are many apps for Channels on Android which helps to switch to best channels in Netgear routers. For more queries regarding how to change channel on Netgear router, make a connect with our technical experts.

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