How To Change Wifi Password Netgear

To change the wifi password on the netgear router, open the web browser from the mobile or computer that is connected to the router. Enter the login address which opens the login window. Enter the router’s admin username and password. The admin user name is Admin and the password is Password, which is default if you have not changed the admin password. Choose Wireless and the Wireless Settings page displays on the screen. Under Security Options, choose WPA. WPA2 PSK (AES), which is the default setting, this is the newest standard for strongest security. The Password field displays. Enter the new password or network key. It is the text string that ranges from 8 to 63 characters. Type the new password and keep it in a safe place for future reference. Choose the Apply button and the settings will get saved. Get alternate guide for how to change wifi password netgear from our tech leads.

how to change wifi password netgear

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