How To Check Data Usage In TP-Link Router?

Checking or monitoring the data usage on your router is an indispensable task. You have the facility to limit your data usage based on your monthly allowance or total allowance. You will get a warning message in case your data usage has reached the specified level. Let us take a Tp-Link router, for example. We will see how to check data usage in TP-Link router. We will be using the TP-Link Archer MR200 AC750 Dual Band Wireless 4G LTE router for our demonstration.

  • Open the default web browser on your computer.
  • Log in to the router’s web interface.
  • Next, navigate to the Data Settings page of your TP-Link router. You can achieve this by following the path given here:
  • Advanced->Network->Data Settings.
  • On the Data Settings page, enable the Data Limit option. This action is to set your total or monthly data allowance. This step will also help in preventing the overuseof data.
  • Now, in the Total/Monthly Allowance field, enter the permitted amount of your total/monthly data. When your data usage goes beyond the permitted level, your TP-Link router will be disconnected from the internet. You will also be notified about the data usage through the Basic-> Network Map page.
  • In the Usage Alert field, type in a percentage to prevent data overuse. As explained in the previous step, if your data usage reaches the specified (or alert) level, you will find a warning on the Network Map page.
  • Below the Usage Alert field, you can find the Data Statistics option. Enable this option to reset your data statistics when the next billing cycle begins.
  • In the Start Date field, type the beginning date of your billing cycle.
  • Finally, to save all your settings, click on the Save button.

We have now seen how to check data usage in TP-Link router.

How To Check Data Usage In TP-Link Router

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