How To Configure Netgear Router

To configure the Netgear router, first have a short overlook about it. The Netgear router is the first router to introduce the world’s fastest wireless router. It is the last evolution of most of the innovative wireless routers and modems. Nowadays, most of the homes now have multiple electronic devices requiring a strong, steady Wi-Fi network. Follow the below instruction for how to configure Netgear router.

The Netgear product covers a variety of widely used technologies such as wireless, Ethernet cable, powerline, with a goal of easy-to-use the internet connection over high traffic.

Netgear wireless routers support WPA. These routers let you connect multiple computers to share a standard Internet connection from your Internet Service Provider. The Netgear router is the appeal to cable, DSL input, or by 3G or higher speed mobile network connection using the USB Dongle. The Netgear does not provide you with an internet connection. During the initial installation of your router and how to configure Netgear router, no internet connection detected on your devices. It provides a secure connection throughout the process. The Netgear incorporates enterprise-class wireless security with Wi-Fi Protected Access encryption that keeps data secured, and Push N to connect that helps the user connect quickly and securely by pressing the button. Follow the upcoming solution for Netgear configure wireless router.

Features Of The Netgear Router

  • It provides good network range for large apartments and small homes.
  • The Better range is useful for the medium sized homes to utilize the internet connection.
  • The Best range is ideal for large homes and those with range problems.
  • The Streaming media feature helps to stream videos and music from the Internet to a PC, Handheld, or TV.
  • The Netgear router includes the USB adapter to link a desktop or notebook computer that does not already have a wireless connection.
  • Synchronically Dual band technology enables concurrent use of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands contributing twice the bandwidth speed with better connection and fewer interferences.
  • By Dual Band, the interference is reduced, outputting a more reliable wireless connection for any devices you connected to it.
how to configure netgear router

How Secure The Netgear Router Is ?

The Netgear router maintains high security across your network to help and ensure your safety and family is safe while you are online. The Parental control option provides Web filtering for all your connected devices. The Netgear router supports guest network access; it provides separate and secure access for guests.The Secure Wi-Fi connection-High level wireless security with WPA/WPA2 will be initiated to the devices connected. To get more about how to configure Netgear router, read below.

To configure a NETGEAR router, there is a different method used which are listed below

  • If you have a cable Internet connection, then try configuring by any one of the processes given below:
  • Setting the Netgear router for cable internet connection with Smart Wizard.
  • Configuring the Netgear router for cable internet connection with NETGEAR Genie.

If you have a DSL internet connection, then use any one of the steps given below

  • The DSL modem router for Internet connection with Genie Interface.
  • The DSL modem router for Internet connection with Smart Wizard Interface.
  • You can try configuring by troubleshooting Netgear Router Configuration.

How To Configure Netgear Router Step By Step For Cable Internet Connection With Smart Wizard

To configure your NETGEAR router for a cable network connection with Smart Wizard, follow the steps given below:

  • For how to configure Netgear router, the first step is to connect your modem to the internet port of the NETGEAR router and your computer system to any of the four LAN ports of your wish.
  • After connecting the system and the router, switch the computer, router, and broadband/cable modem, off and on again.
  • Stay for the complete booting to finish.
  • On your computer, search for the browser and open it. On your computer browser, type and run the IP address in the address bar and press Enter. The IP address is available on the developer’s site and move to the next step of Netgear router configuration.
  • It will remind you to log into the router.
  • The default username is admin and the default password is password.
  • The username and password are case-sensitive.
  • If you have changed the password, then it will not respond to the action, and the display message prompts you to enter the correct password.
  • Otherwise, try to factory reset to restore the router to the default settings.

To perform the factory reset on the NETGEAR router try the following procedure:

  • The Restore Factory Settings or the Reset button is placed on the back of your router.
  • Use the paper clip or similar materials to reset.
  • Gently, press and hold the Factory Settings or Reset button for seven seconds.
  • After seven seconds, release it and tap the Restore Factory Setting button and wait for the router to restart.
  • Once the router finishes the factory reset, the power lights stop blinking and turns solid green and goto next guide for Netgear router configuration.
  • Now, the factory default settings are restored.
  • Now, click the Setup Wizard.
  • The Setup Wizard screen displays, select Yes and click Next.
  • The Setup Wizard helps to detect the type of internet connection. For cable internet connection options, the Setup Wizard detects the Dynamic IP.
  • Click Next and the router saves the settings.
  • Do not try to change the default settings unless your internet service provider has given you the specific DNS information that must be configure.
  • See at the IP address field to check if you have a valid IP address.
  • Now the process of how to configure Netgear router is done with Smart Wizard.

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