How To Control Tp Link Router Remotely?

How To Control Tp-Link Router Remotely?

When you enable remote access on the router settings, you can access the router remotely outside the local network. Generally, the remote access is turned off on the router for security purposes, as the outsiders can easily crack the router protection and access the router’s setup page. Follow the below procedure on how to control Tp-Link router remotely

On the router’s configuration page:

  • Turn on the Tp-Link router and connect the computer to the router network via wired (Ethernet) or wireless method.
  • Once the computer is connected to the network, open the browser window on the screen.
  • Enter the official TP-Link router login website or the router’s IP address, which is located on the label of the router, and press Enter.
  • When the router login page opens up, enter the User name and Password, and click OK to access the router’s configuration page.
  • Earlier, if you have changed the login credentials, then use them to log in; otherwise, use the default Username & Password, which is ‘admin’ for both.
  • Now, the router’s setup page shows up. Go to the Security panel.
  • Select the Remote Management menu. After that, change the Remote Management IP Address to the remote address provided by your Internet Service Provider.
  • Then, modify the Web Management Port and set it to the port value, which allows remote access of the router.
  • Click the Save button to save all the changes made.

Access the router remotely:

  • From any other device, open the browser application and enter the WAN IP address of your TP-Link router, ‘colon’ symbol, and the remote access port number, like
  • When the browser requests for the router password, enter it correctly to access the router configuration page.
  • The above mentioned steps are the best way to know how to control TP-Link router remotely.

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