How To Disable WPS On Linksys Router

WPS is the short form of Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It was introduced to make the connection of new devices to a network much easier. These devices could be anything ranging from a game console to a Sky TV box. Disabling WPS will differ from one router manufacturer to another. Let us see how we can do it on a Linksys router using how to disable WPS on Linksys router steps. In truth, you cannot turn off WPS on a Linksys router with outdated firmware. However, Linksys routers can prevent any brute-force attacks on the PIN. So, the attempts that anyone makes using standard hacking tools will not work on a Linksys router.

Over the years, Linksys has released a firmware that will permit a user to disable WPS on its router. So, follow the instructions given below to do the same:

  • On your computer, open the default web browser. In the Address bar, type in the IP address of your Linksys router.
  • In the login dialog window that appears, type in your login information. The username and password will be admin. This has been set by default.
  • Once you have entered the details, the Linksys interface will start loading and proceed with how to disable WPS on Linksys router guide.
  • On the Linksys interface, click the Wireless tab.
  • Choose the Wireless Security option.
  • You will find a drop-down arrow beside the Security Mode field. Click this arrow. You will see that a drop-down menu of security options is displayed on your screen.
  • From this drop-down menu, select the Disabled option.
  • Finally, click on the Save Settings button provided at the bottom of the page.
  • You have now successfully disabled WPS on your Linksys router.
how to disable wps on linksys router

We have now seen the purpose of WPS on a router and also discussed the how to disable WPS on Linksys router steps involved in disabling a Linksys router.

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