How To Find The Default Gateway On A Cisco Router?

Routers act as a gateway for two separate devices to communicate with each other. When a device sends information, the router checks the destination address and sends the data to it. In case there is no destination address, then the router sends the information to a default address. If you have not set a default address, the router does not process the information on the network.

 Find The Default Gateway On A Cisco Router

Read the below instructions to know how to find the default gateway on a Cisco router.

  • After connecting the computer to the router network, open the Cisco Software program.
  • In the Terminal window, enter the command “show ip route” and press Enter.
  • A list of routing resort entries appears in the window.
  • Now, input the command line, “show ip default-gateway” and press the Enter key.
  • The default gateway appears. The gateway address works when the ‘ip routing’ is turned off on the router.
  • If you want to change the default gateway address of the router, then use the command “ip default-gateway your_address,” where your_address is the address of a device on the network.
  • By configuring the default gateway, you are directing the data packets without destination address to the device on the network.
  • The other command to configure the router is “ip route” that allows the cisco router to set the last resort.
  • Another way is to set the last resort is to use the command “ip default-network”.
  • You can see the routing protocols that the router uses using the command, “show ip protocols.”
  • The command “I p default-network” is used to flag or deflag the default route.
  • If you aren’t able to Find The Default Gateway On A Cisco Router, contact our technical support team.

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