How To Install Netgear Router

NETGEAR is the first to introduce the world’s fastest wireless router. Netgear products cover a wide variety of technologies like Wi-Fi and LTE, Ethernet, and powerline. They focus on reliability and easy of use. You can install Netgear routers in various way. If you don’t have a computer to install the Netgear wireless router for the first time, you can also use your Wireless laptop, tablet, or smartphone by following the procedure of how to install Netgear router below. Connect the Wireless device to the Wireless Netgear router and then configure the internet connection for the device.

Installing Netgear Wireless Router Using Wireless Device

  • Plug in the Ethernet cable from the modem or DSL to the Internet port of your Netgear router.
  • Switch on your modem and wait until the lights become stable.
  • Power on your Netgear router and then wait for the led light to become stable.
  • Get the Preset wireless settings of your Netgear router which is written on the back or at the bottom of the device.
  • In your wireless device, open the Wi-Fi connection manager and find the network name of your Netgear router.
  • Click on your network and enter the pass-phrase when prompted to connect.
  • Open an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • If the Netgear genie fails to appear, go to the address bar and type the following link (or)
  • The default credentials are admin and password.
  • Follow the guidelines on the Netgear genie to configure the device and tech you for how to install Netgear router.
how to install netgear router

To Install Your Netgear Router For A Cable Internet Connection With The Smart Wizard

  • First, connect the modem to the internet port of the Netgear router and to your computer in any of the four LAN ports.
  • Press the router, computer, and boardband cable modem, off and on again. Wait until it finishes booting up.
  • Open the web browser page and type the router’s IP address http://192.168.01 or in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • Now you will be permitted to log into the router.
  • The default user name is the admin, and the default passwordis is password. The user name and password are case sensitive.
  • If the default user name and password is not working, try other passwords, or you may need to change the password. Or else you need to perform a factory reset to restore the router settings.
  • Click the Setup Wizard option. The Setup Wizard screen appears.
  • Select Yes and click Next option.
  • The Setup Wizard finds the type of internet connection. If you have a cable internet connection, the setup wizard detects a Dynamic IP address.
  • Click Next. The router will save the settings.
  • Don’t try to change the default settings unless your internet service provider gives you specific DNS information that must be configured.
  • Select Router Status under Maintenance to check if you are connected to the internet.
  • View the IP address field to see if the correct IP address is entered.

To Configure A Netgear DSL Modem Router For Internet Connection With Netgear Genie

  • Connect the DSL port of Netgear to the Netgear DSL router to the phone line through the DSL Microfilter.
  • Use the Ethernet cable to connect the computer to any of the LAN ports in the Netgear DSL Modem Router.
  • Connect the Netgear DSL modem router to the wall socket for power supply and wait until it boots up.
  • Now open the browser, you will immediately be taken to the Netgear genie setup screen. If the Netgear genie page doesn’t show up, access the screen by
  • entering http://192.168.01 or
  • Configuring the Internet connection page appears. You will find a prompt asking, Do you want Netgear Genie to help? Click the option Yes. In the bottom of the page you will find the option Next, click on it to continue with next step of how to install Netgear router.
  • Choose the Country from the list and click Next.
  • Now the Setup Wizard will detect the type of internet connection.
  • The DSL connections which need a login to connect to the internet will be detected as PPPoE/ PPPoA.
  • The Internet service provider will provide your login details like username, password to access their service. Type these details in the respective field and then click Next.
  • The router will apply the settings. Once completed, you can check whether you are connected to the internet by clicking on the option Take me to the Internet.
  • If the configuration fails, contact your Internet Service Provider to obtain the correct login credentials and then click Try again to complete the setup process.

To Configure Your Netgear Wireless Adapter Using Netgear Smart Wizard Software

The simple way to connect a Netgear wireless adapter to an existing wireless network is by using a Netgear Smart Wizard software utility which comes with your Netgear wireless adapter. The ways to configure and set-up the Netgear Smart Wizard will differ according to the type of wireless security you use (WEP or WPA). Follow the preceding steps for how to install Netgear router and Netgear wireless adapter using the Netgear Smart Wizard Software utility.

To Configure Smart Wizard For WEP Encryption

  • Click Start and then tap All Programs. See for Netgear wireless adapter folder then select the option Netgear Smart wizard.
  • Netgear Smart Wizard wireless utility will display on your desktop.
  • Select the Networks Tab; this will immediately scan all the available wireless networks within the proximity.
  • Choose the SSID of the wireless network to which you want to connect and then click the Connect button.
  • On your Settings tab, tap WEP under the Security option and then choose the option Enter key manually.
  • Type the 10 or 26 characters in the space provided. Note: If your Network key consists of 10 characters, set it to 64 bits. If it consists of 26 characters, set it to 128bits.
  • In the Profiles field, create a name to help you remember the wireless settings in the future, and then click the option Save Profile.
  • Select the option Apply to validate the settings.
  • Once you are connected wirelessly, go to the About tab and check for the IP address.

To Configure Smart Wizard For WPA Encryption

  • Tap Start, go to All Programs. Search for Netgear wireless adapter folder, then select the Netgear Smart Wizard option.
  • The Netgear Smart Wizard wireless utility will be displayed on the desktop.
  • Select the Networks tab option. It will immediately scan for all the available wireless networks around you.
  • Click the SSID of the wireless network which you want to connect and then click the Connect button.
  • In the Settings tab, click WPA under the Security option.
  • Enter the WPA pass-phrase or password in the empty field next to the WPA drop-down menu.
  • On the Profiles field, create a name which helps you to remember the wireless network settings in the future and then click the option Save Profile.
  • Choose the option Apply to validate the settings.
  • If you are connected wirelessly, go to the About tab and check for the IP address. For more solution regarding how to install Netgear router, contact our tech experts.

To Install The Ex2700 Via WPS

  • Place the extender in the room where the Wi-Fi router is located.
  • Check whether the internet connection is coming from the same router. Also, ensure that your router is WPS capable.
  • Connect the extender to an electrical (power) outlet and wait until the LED power becomes stable.
  • If it doesn’t power On, press the On/Off button on the side of the extender panel.
  • Press the WPS button for three seconds in the side panel of the extender and the WPS led will start blinking.
  • After two or three minutes, press the WPS button on your main router.
  • The Router Link Led and WPS LED on the extender should turn green to indicate that your extender is connected to the primary network.
  • You can move the extender to a preferred location, but ensure that it is between your router and wireless device in order to get a good signal.
  • Now you can connect the wireless device to the Extender’s new SSID.
install ex2700 via wps

For Configuring Your EX7000 As Wireless Range Extender

  • First, connect your system to the EX7000 via a wired or wireless connection and follow next steps of how to install Netgear router EX7000.
  • For a wired connection: Use the Ethernet cable to connect your computer to any one of the available Ethernet ports of the EX7000.
  • To perform a wireless connection, use the Wi-Fi network manager on your wireless computer or any other Wi-Fi device to connect to the NETGEAR-EXT Wi-Fi network.
  • Once connected, the device Extender LED will turn green.
  • Open any internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  • Now type in the address bar.
  • Tap the NEW EXTENDER SETUP option.
  • Complete the extender setup by filling the required details on the screen and then click Next.
  • This account is created for your EX7000 GUI user name and password.
  • The Netgear genie page appears, select the option Wi-Fi Range Extender.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi which you wish to extend and then click Next. Note: If the router doesn't support the 5GHz band, uncheck the 5Ghz option before clicking Next.
  • Type your Network pass-phrase or key and click Next. You can now also change the SSID and pass-phrase of your Wi-Fi range extender, or continue with the existing network and password.
  • Click the Next option to save the settings.
  • Once you finish saving the settings, connect the wireless device to the EX7000 SSID before clicking Continue.
  • The Extender is now connected to the existing Wi-Fi network successfully. Click the Next option to proceed further.
  • Now fill the product registration form to access product support, information on new products, software update & notifications. After filling in the form, click the Finish option. Note: If your device is already registered, you can click on the Skip registration option, which is found on the top of the page. Get more information for how to install Netgear router, connect with the technical experts.

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