How To Reset DLink Router

If you face any problems with the Dlink router, it is necessary to reset it. Resetting the router turns all settings to its factory settings. There are various scenarios where resetting the router is required. Are you unable to remember the credentials of the router? Then, you can reset the router to get a new set of credentials. The process of how to reset DLink router is very simple. If the router contains a Reset button, press it to initiate the process. It can be done at any time. You should perform the above step by turning on the device. If the router is in the OFF state, change it to the Active mode.

Understanding D-link Router Problem

If you are using a router for the internet connection, you may face various issues with the printer. It can be due to slow or no internet access in certain rooms. Check if there are any other routers in the room. If yes, it may lead to the issue. Remove other routers apart from the currently used one. If you are unable to connect one device to the router, you need to reboot the printer. There is a difference between the rebooting and resetting. Restarting is the process of performing a power cycle to the printer. While resetting is the process of changing the current settings to default. This is carried out to resolve any router issues.

How To Do A Hard Reset My Router To Default Settings?

  • If you are unable to remember the router’s credentials such as user name and password, reset the router to the factory settings.
  • Security settings cannot be updated if credentials are unknown. Resetting the router deletes all the current network settings.
  • Determine if the printer is in the active state.
  • Check if the power light on the router is stable.
  • Use a paper clip to long-press the Reset button for 10 seconds.
  • After a few minutes, release the Reset button on the router’s rear.
  • You may notice that the router will reboot itself.
  • Resume to the setup process after 15 seconds.
  • The router is now set to the default settings for the network configuration.
how to reset dlink router

How Do I Reset My Router?

Soft Reset

If you face any internet connection issues, reset the connection between your modem and router. The router is a device that helps you connect multiple devices to the same network. The modem is a device that provides internet connection to all the devices. You need to remove the physical connection between two devices. Read and follow the steps below to start the process of how to reset DLink router.

  • Remove the power cable connected to the router and the modem.
  • After a while, reconnect both devices.
  • Certain routers contain Disconnect/Connect button.
  • Press it to reset the connection between your modem and router.

Hard Reset

If you fail to remember the password and user name of the network, it is necessary to reset the router.In such cases, a hard reset will help you to restore all the settings on the printer.

  • Check if the router is in an active state.
  • Using a paper clip, press the Reset button at the rear of the device for 30 seconds.
  • After releasing it, wait a second for the router to reset and power it up.

How To Reset DLink Router To Factory Settings

Turn On The Router If It Is Not Already On

Check if the router is in the active state. If not, locate the Power button on the device and press it to turn it on. The power light flickers during the initial stage. After a while, you can view a steady power light on the router.

Use a Paper Clip Or The Pin Or Safety Pin

The router’s reset button is present on the rear of the device. The Reset button is tiny. Use a sharp safety pin to press the button. You need to long-press the button for a while to begin the reset process.

Face the hindside Of The D-Link Router Towards You

If you can't locate the Reset button, turn the device in a clockwise direction to locate it. As the button is tiny, look closer to identifying the Reset button at the rear end of the router. While turning the device, make sure that you do not remove any cables connected to it.

Find The Label Which Says Reset

Find the label that is located on the top of the Reset button. If you turn the device facing you, you will view the label either on top or the bottom. The position of the label may vary based on the router.

It Should Be Around Area With Sufficient Space To Insert A Pin

Position the router on a leveled surface and ensure that no other devices are surrounding it. If the router is wireless enabled, place it in a location where it can be easily connected to other devices. While you insert the PIN, provide enough space.

Place The Pin In This Circular Box For 10 Seconds

Long-press the Reset button at the rear of the router using a PIN. Press it for at least 10 seconds. If the router does not start the initialization process to reset DLink router, release the button and press it again.

Now Remove The Pin From The Box

After pressing the button, remove the PIN from it. While removing it, ensure that you do not damage the button. If any damage occurs in the Reset button, you may not be able to reset the device.

Wait For The Router To Reboot

After completing the above step, refrain from proceeding until the router reboots. During the process, you can view a flickering power light on the router. Once the reboot process completes, look for a steady wireless light on the device. The stable wireless light indicates the router is reset completely.

Now Your D-Link Router Reset Has Completed

After the reset process is finished, all the issues with the router are fixed. Set the network name and password again. While doing so, make sure that the network name and password are unique. There should not be any confusions with the existing network names in the surrounding.

Resetting Your DLink DI-624 Router To The Factory Settings

The procedure of how to reset DLink router to the factory settings is provided below.

  • The process helps to reset the router to factory defaults. Check for settings that are erased .
  • The router’s credentials such as username and password are cleared.
  • The network name and internet password are reset to factory settings.
  • Check if you are using a DSL connection. If so, you need to re-enter the username and password.
  • Other settings such as IP address assignments or ports are deleted.
  • The primary step in the reset process is to find the reset button on the device.
  • Locate this button is at the rear end of the device.
  • Use a paperclip to long press the Reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  • After a while, release the Reset button to start the process.
  • It always takes a few minutes to complete.
  • This process erases all the details on the device.

Reset DLink Router Password

The router contains two types of password: Wi-Fi password and Administrator password. The Wi-Fi password lets you connect different devices to the router. The administrator password helps you log in to the router. It is suggested to set a strong Wi-Fi password. If you want to set a new password for the Wi-Fi, you need to launch the browser and Key-in the IP address of the router. Move to the Wireless settings. View the Wi-Fi password on the screen. The process of changing the Admin password of the router and how to reset DLink router is mentioned below.

Open The Browser On Your Computer System

Turn on the system. Locate the Start button on the left menu bar and click on it. Find the web browser on the system. Click on the icon to launch it. If there is no browser preinstalled, download and install it using the on-screen prompts.

Type In The IP Address

Find the Internet Protocol(IP) address at the rear end of the router. Click the Start button. Find the Search Box on your system. Type cmd in it. On your Command Prompt screen, type ipconfig to locate the default gateway. You can find the IP address and type it in the browser tab.

Press The Enter Key On The Keyboard

You can see two Enter keys on your computer or laptop keyboard. Choose the one above the Shift key or the one at the right-side edge of the laptop or computer, which is above the plus symbol. Press the Enter key to go to the next page. That is the credentials that you have provided in the address bar of your web browser.

How To Alter DLink Router User Login Password After Reset

Halt For The Dashboard To Load On Your Browser

Launch the Chrome browser on your system and type the IP address of the router in the Search tab. Type the username and password as admin and password respectively. Select the Login option. View the home page of the router on the browser tab for the process of how to reset DLink router.

Select the ‘Tools’ Tab On The Dashboard Page Of D-Link Router Login

The home page contains all the details of the router. The tabs on the page are Setup, Advanced, Tools, Status, and Help. Click the Advanced tab. Choose the Users button on the left side of the panel. A pop-menu displays on the screen. Click the Users icon under the tab.

Navigate to the Page And Look For The User Password Section

Choose Admin password and select the Edit option. View the password section on the page. Click the Check to Edit password option.

Select the Save Button on the bottom of the page

Select the Save Settings option to complete the process. The other method to change the login password is provided. Launch the browser and type the IP address in the address bar. The username is admin. The Password is password. Select Security -> Authentication -> Internal User Database -> Users. Right-click on Admin and select Edit . Activate the Edit Password option. Type the current and newly entered password.

Logout Of The Account

After changing the password, log out from the page. Wait for a while and then login using the new credentials.

How to Reset the D-Link Administrator Password

If you are using a wireless router, link all the systems to the Internet without the need for long cables or cords. This router helps to establish the system through a single network. After configuring the router, you can create an administrator password. If you change settings for your network, you need to enter the admin password beforehand.

Reset the Admin Password

Use the Reset button at the rear end of the router using a paper clip or thin object. You need to long-press the button for approximately 10 seconds. Ensure that you do not touch any other buttons during the reset process. Verify if the WLAN light does not stop flickering. Access the Internet browser and type the IP address of the router. Press Enter on the keyboard. Key-in the admin password in the login ID box. Close the window after clicking the Apply option. After making the changes, check if the Password has changed.

Reset Wi-Fi Password

Launch the Web browser on the system and type in the browser’s address bar. Press Enter to navigate to the D-Link router. Select the Admin option, key-in the administrator password, and press Enter on your keyboard. View the Wireless Settings tab on the screen. Choose the Setup icon on the top of the tab. Choose the Wireless Settings option located on the left side of the screen. Select the Manual Wireless Connection Setup option. Scroll down to locate the Pre-shared Key field. Key-in the new Wi-Fi password in the field. Shut the window to save the new password. Still you need more information regarding how to reset DLink router, connect with us now.

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