How To Set Up Belkin AC1900 DB F9K1124?

Belkin AC1900 DB F9K1124 is a dual-band router that ensures seamless connectivity to the Internet and establish a wireless network. If you have bought a new Belkin AC1900 router, then refer to the instructions provided here to know how to set up Belkin AC1900 DB F9K1124.

how to set up Belkin AC1900 DB F9K1124

Initially, before you set up the router, make sure that your modem is connected to your ISP and doesn’t have any issues. Then make a note of the default SSID and password of your router. These details can be seen on the router label.

Steps to set up the Belkin AC1900 DB F9K1124 router:

  • If your Internet modem is turned on, then turn it off.
  • Take an Ethernet cable and connect it between the modem and router. At the router’s end, the Ethernet cable should be connected to the WAN port.
  • Now, turn on the modem.
  • Once the modem is ready, turn on the router as well.
  • Now, proceed to configure the router using a computer or smartphone. You can connect the router to your computer over Wi-Fi or using another Ethernet cable.
  • Ethernet connection: Plug in the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your computer and the LAN port on the router.
  • Wireless connection: Turn on Wi-Fi on your computer. Select the SSID of your router, enter the wireless password, then click the Connect button.
  • Once the router is connected to the computer, open a web browser and enter “https://router” or else enter the IP address of the router.
  • Now, click the Detect my connection button and wait until your router is detected.
  • Click the Try my connection button and then enter your router’s username and password if prompted.
  • Once the credentials that you have entered is authenticated, the router will check for the latest firmware and install it if required.
  • Now, enter the new Network Name (SSID) and Password for your wireless router. Also, select the Security Type. Then click the Save & Continue button.
  • You will be disconnected from the router page. Reconnect and click the Great, what’s next? Button.
  • On the registration page, enter the necessary details and register your router.
  • Finally, click the Thanks, take me to the dashboard button. Now, your Belkin AC1900 DB F9K1124 router has been set up.

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