How To Setup Belkin N300 F9K1010 Router?

Belkin N300 F9K1010 is a Wi-Fi router that can be used for all your online activities. This router features Belkin’s Simple Start browser-based configuration and so you can easily install it in a few steps. To set up this router, you can utilize a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Now, let us plunge into the procedure to setup Belkin N300 F9K1010 router.

Setup Belkin N300 F9K1010 Router

  • First, check if your modem is connected to the power supply. If it is, unplug it from the power supply. Then, connect the modem and your Belkin router.
  • Plug the modem into the power supply.
  • Once you have finished the connections, find out the wireless Network Name (or SSID) of your router. Then, connect the router to your computer (tablet or smartphone) by making use of the password provided. You can refer to the label located at the bottom of the router for your wireless settings. The default wireless Network Name will be xxx.
  • Open the default web browser on your computer/device and type in the address or URL bar. You will now be taken to the setup page of your Belkin router.
  • Now, continue reading to find out how to set up the Belkin N300 F9K1010 router.
  • On the setup page, click on the Detect my connection Now, your router’s firmware will be checked and if any update is required, it will be completed.
  • When the connection is successfully established, you can see a prompt (on your screen) to change your Network Name and So, type in the Network Name, Password, and the other desired wireless settings in the respective fields.
  • Click on the Save and Continue
  • Your new wireless settings will be applied now. Reselect your wireless network so that you can reconnect to your new Network Name. The screen with your new Network Nameand Password will now appear.
  • Click on the Great, what’s next?
  • You have the choice of registering your Belkin router right now or doing it later on. If you are going to finish the registration right now, fill in all the required details and then click on the Complete Registration In case you plan to do the registration later, click on the Register Laterbutton.
  • Finally, click on the Thanks, take me to the dashboard This action will take you straight to your router’s dashboard.

You have now setup Belkin N300 F9K1010 router.

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