How To Setup Netgear Router

To setup the Netgear wireless router, remove the cables connecting the modem to the computer. Plug in the modem power adapter and check the power light to make sure that the modem is on. Connect the router to the modem and plug one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem. The other end is connected into the Ethernet port on the router. Connect the router to the computer. Plug the first end of the Ethernet cable to the computer’s Ethernet port and the other end to one of the four LAN ports of the router. Power cycle the computer, router, and broadband cable & wait till it finishes its booting. Open the web browser, enter the router’s IP address in the address bar and tap Enter. You need to log into the router. Enter the username and password as Admin and Password respectively. Note that they are case-sensitive. Select Setup Wizard and the Setup Wizard screen displays. Choose Yes and select Next. The Setup Wizard detects the type of internet connection. For a wired connection, the wizard detects Dynamic IP. Select Next. The router saves the settings. To check whether you are connected to the internet, choose Router Status under Maintenance. Any query for how to setup Netgear router, get connected with our leading tech experts.

how to setup netgear router

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