How To Setup Netgear Wifi Extender

To setup the Netgear wifi extender, switch on the extender and wait for a minute so that the power LED turns green. Connect the wireless-enabled device to a wireless router. Go to the web browser from the device and the browser will direct you New Extender Setup. It will offer you a list of existing wireless networks that are available within the range after the search is complete. It displays the names of all available wireless networks. Choose the one which is not in the existing wireless network that you wish to extend. If the new wireless network is enabled with security, a pop up box will appear. Here, you will be asked to enter the passphrase. If the router supports dual band, you need to choose two networks and select Continue. If you are prompted to change the wireless settings of the extender, do it. If you haven’t made any changes, select Continue and then complete the process of how to setup netgear wifi extender. Review it and make sure that it is correct. Connect the devices to the network. Go to the extender screen and recheck the option once you are successfully connected. The wireless device is now connected to the extender. Select the Finish button to close the setup page.

how to setup netgear wifi extender

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