How To Use Wifi Extender TP Link

If you have a large house or any place where the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach, you can utilize a second router as the Wi-Fi extender. You can use a spare router as a Wi-Fi extender to increase the network signal beyond the reach of your TP-Link device. However, you cannot use your TP-Link router as the Wi-Fi Extender, a second access point must be added. The instructions on how to use wifi extender TP Link are provided on this web page. Both the routers can be linked with each other without connecting any cords.

Steps For How To Use Wifi Extender TP Link

  • Sign into your router by entering the IP address on any browser.
  • Go to the Wireless section and make a note of all the details such as the router’s IP address and password.
  • Now, set up your TP-Link Extender by plugging it into a wall socket.
  • Connect the TP-Link Extender to the Personal Computer using an Ethernet cord.
  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Select the Quick Setup option and tap Next. Choose your country name and then click on the Next button.
  • Allow the TP-Link extender to search for wireless networks.
  • Choose your network from the list and select Next. Type the wireless password when instructed.
  • Choose Copy from Main Router and click Next. Insert the TP-Link Extender into an outlet that is close to the router.
  • Press the WPS button that is present at your router’s rear.
  • The WPS LED light on your router will flash. Press the WPS button on your TP-Link Extender.
  • After the WPS light blinks, you can enjoy the Wi-Fi connection from any corner of your house.

How To Use TP Link Router As Wifi Extender

  • First, get the IP address of your TP-Link router.
  • On your computer that is linked to the network, go to the Control Panel.
  • Double-click on the Network and Internet option.
  • Right-click on the name of your Wi-Fi network that you are using currently and then choose the Status option.
  • Select Support and a window will open on your desktop.
  • You can now obtain the gateway IP address on the Wireless Network Connection Status tab.
  • Open a browser on your Personal Computer and type the gateway IP address in the search box, and then hit Enter.
  • A Setup screen for your primary router appears on the desktop.
  • Enter the username and password to access the router’s Configuration page.
  • Reset the TP-Link router to its factory settings.
  • Plug the second router with a network cord to a system that is not on the network.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi feature and enter a fixed address into your second router to use it as a Wi-Fi extender.

Best Wifi Extender To Use With TP Link Archer C59

Some of the best Wi-Fi extenders that are used with TP-Link Archer c59 access point or router and the procedure for how to use wifi extender TP Link are given below.

Netgear Orbi RBK50
The extender provides fast speed connection at an extended range. The Wi-Fi Extender provides consistent coverage and can be configured easily.

TP-Link RE350 AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender This Wi-Fi Range Extender has a simple setup and is budget friendly.

Netgear Orbi RBK20 This router has a flexible configuration and is reliable to use.

D-link DAP-1320 It has a compact design and is available at a low cost.

Netgear EX3800 Wi-Fi Range Extender with passthrough The device has an excellent overall range and speed.

Devolo GigaGate It has a stable connection and provides an easy method to extend the range of the network.
how to use wifi extender tp link

How To Configure TP Link Wifi Extender Using Ethernet

  • Plug in the TP-Link extender to a PC using an ethernet cable.
  • Connect the extender into a wall outlet.
  • Launch the browser on the system and move to the
  • Provide the IP address of the router ( in the address field.
  • Wait until the TP-Link home page displays on the screen.
  • Click the Quick Setup tab and click Next.
  • Find the country/region in the drop-down menu and click on it.
  • Check if the wireless networks in the surroundings displays.
  • Choose the wireless network from the list.
  • Type the network name if it does not display on the screen.
  • Click the Copy from main router option.
  • Select the Customize option if you wish to create a different network.
  • Locate the Next option and click on it.
  • View the Network settings in the window and click Finish.
  • The extender starts to reboot and can access the internet and finish the final steps for how to use wifi extender TP Link.

How To Use TP Link N300 Wifi Range Extender TP-WA850RE

  • Follow the prerequisites before setting up the Wi-Fi extender.
  • Place the extender device halfway between the router and the weak signal zone.
  • Remove all the obstacles between the extender and a wireless router.
  • A solid light on the router’s front panel indicates the strength of the signal.
  • Link the extender to the wireless router with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Insert the extender into the wall socket.
  • Switch to the web-based management page after completing the configurations.
  • Launch the web browser and key in the domain name in the URL field of the browser.
  • Wait for the login window to display on the screen.
  • Type admin (lower case) in the username and password fields.
  • Click OK. After logging into the web page, configure the necessary settings.
  • Choose the currently used network name from the available list.
  • Provide the password in their field. After the connection is established, a connection successful message displays.

TP Link AC750 Wifi Extender How To Use

  • Make use of the guidelines below which will help you to how to use wifi extender TP Link.
  • The extender contains two LEDs - Red and Green.
  • The Red light indicates that the device is connected, but it is too far from the router.
  • The green light implies that the extender is connected and in the perfect location.
  • If the Wireless Signal is in the ON state, the function is enabled.
  • If you view the wireless signal blinking, it indicates that the connection is in process.
  • Insert the Extender into a power outlet.
  • Refrain from proceeding until the wireless light is stable.
  • You can use either the Wi-Fi Protected Setup or Ethernet cable to establish the connection.
  • It can be used as a wireless adapter to connect any Ethernet supported devices such as Blu-ray player, game console, and DVR.
  • Ensure that the extender and router share the same network name and password.

TP Link Extender Won't Connect

  • Try to reset the TP-Link Wi-Fi extender.
  • Use any two ways mentioned below to restore the factory settings.
  • Locate the Reset button on the extender.
  • Use a PIN to reboot the extender.
  • The other option is logging in to the Web-based management page.
  • Navigate to the System Tools->Factory Defaults->Restore.
  • After resetting the extender, the current settings will be deleted and you need to reconfigure it.
  • If you are using an Ethernet cable for the connection, check if the Ethernet port is working correctly.
  • The devices are configured to half-duplex mode rather than the full-duplex mode.
  • The half-duplex mode provides one-way communication between the router and the clients.
  • Place the devices within the range of the router and dead zone.
  • Set the extender at 2.4 or 5.0GHz.
  • Verify if all the connections are working correctly and start the process of how to use wifi extender TP Link by following the steps given above.

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