Linksys Cable Dsl Router With 4 Port Switch Setup

 Linksys cable DSL router with 4 port switch

The Linksys 4-port switch router has 4 ports as the name suggests, and these ports allow you to access the internet. You can connect the printer, computer, and other network devices to the ports. The security features of the router are SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall and NAT technology. The procedure given below will help you set up Linksys cable DSL router with 4 port switch.

Step-1: Physical connection

  • Connect an Ethernet cable between the modem and the Internet port of the router.
  • Use another Ethernet cable to connect to any one of the Linksys cable DSL router with 4 port switch.
  • Now, plug the power cable between the router and a wall outlet.
  • Turn on the router and check if the LED’s light is glowing.

Step-2: Open router’s page

  • Launch a web browser on the computer, enter the router’s default IP address, and press Enter.
  • After the router’s login screen opens, enter the username and password and click OK.
  • By default, the Linksys router username is left blank, and the password is “admin.”
  • When the router configuration page appears, go to the Administration and select Management screen.

Step-3: Clone the MAC address

  • Go to the Setup panel and select the Mac Address Clone tab.
  • The Internet Service Provider recognizes the router with its MAC address.
  • Click the Enabled option, select Clone My PC’s MAC, and click Save Settings.

Step-4: Configure the internet settings

  • Select the Status tab and click Release IP Address if the Internet IP Address is “”
  • Now, click the Renew IP Address button.
  • When the numbers appear in the Internet IP Address status, it indicates the internet settings are properly configured.
  • If the number does not appear, then restart the router and again check the Internet IP address for Linksys cable DSL router with 4 port switch.

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