How To Perform Linksys Ea2700 Smart WiFi N600 Router Setup?

The Linksys Ea2700 Smart WiFi N600 router setup is quite simple if you follow the quick steps given on this page. This router provides seamless Internet connectivity to the connected devices by routing the traffic to the correct ports. Before setting up this router, identify the wireless settings (SSID and network key) details and the IP address from the router’s label to access the router setup page.

Restore The Router Settings

 Linksys Ea2700 Smart WiFi N600 Router Setup

  • To begin the router setup, ensure that you have a stable Internet connection by connecting your modem directly to the computer.
  • Next, disconnect the modem’s cable from the computer and turn it off.
  • Connect your router and the modem using the supplied network cable. The cable from the modem should be connected to the router’s WAN port.
  • Next, connect your router’s LAN port and the computer’s Ethernet port using another Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the modem, connect the router’s power cord to an electrical outlet, and press the Power button to turn on the router.
  • Once your router has been turned on, check if the router LEDs are lit.
  • You have now completed half of the Linksys EA2700 Smart Wi-Fi N600 router setup. Continue setting up your router on the web-management page.
  • On your computer, launch the default browser and enter your router’s IP address in the URL field. Hit the Enter key to access the router setup page.
  • If prompted, enter the basic login credentials in the required fields to access the router setup page.
  • Go to the Internet Settings tab and choose your Internet connection type.
  • By default, the Internet connection type is set to Automatic Configuration-DHCP.
  • Enable the MAC Address Clone option and click the Clone my PC’S MAC button.
  • Configure the required settings and click the Apply button.
  • After saving the router settings, check the connection status.
  • You have now seen the Linksys Ea2700 Smart WiFi N600 router setup.

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