How To Do Linksys EA7500 Firmware Update?

Update the firmware periodically will help in avoiding expensive repairs. The Linksys Ea7500 firmware update enhances the router performance. If you are going to update the firmware for the first time, follow the manual firmware update. While updating, use a wired network connection.

Manual Firmware Update

 Linksys EA7500 Firmware Update

  • Log in to the official Linksys server account.
  • Go to Router Settings and click Connectivity.
  • In the Firmware Update, section go to the Basic tab and click the Choose File button.
  • Select the file you have already downloaded and click Open.
  • Click the Start button. If any prompt appears, select Yes to continue.
  • Now the firmware starts the updating process.
  • The Router Reboot screen will be displayed, and you need to click OK.
  • Click the OK button on the Firmware update complete screen.

Firmware Update Using Checkbox Link

  • Open a browser and log in to the official Linksys server account.
  • In the Router Settings, click Connectivity.
  • Under the Firmware Update section, click the Check for Updates button. If the router finds any new firmware update, select the Click here link to update the firmware.
  • Click Yes in the Update firmware pop-up.
  • Now the firmware starts updating; once the update is finished, click the OK button on the Router Reboot screen.
  • Now the Firmware update will be completed.

Automatic Firmware Update

  • Open the default browser and log in to the official Linksys server account.
  • In the Router Settings, click Connectivity.
  • On the Firmware Update page, tick Automatic to automatically update the firmware.
  • When connected online, the router will automatically check for updates. Now, click the Update Now button.
  • Click Yes on the Update firmware pop-up box.
  • Now the firmware starts installing. Note that during this process, don’t turn off the router or close the default browser; otherwise, the file will be corrupted.
  • Select the OK button to reboot the router; it takes few seconds.
  • Click OK in the Firmware Update complete prompt.
  • You have now completed the Linksys Ea7500 firmware update.

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