Linksys Router Disconnects Randomly

When using the Linksys Wi-Fi router network, if the router connection disconnects abruptly, then it is understood that the router connection is interrupted by some errors. To find the errors and to fix the problem, use the given solutions.

Before following the below steps, check if the router setup is correct, and it is not damaged.

Signal disturbances:

  • The other electronic devices and machines around the router transmit & receive different frequencies of signals, which can interrupt the wireless signal of the router.
  • If there are any electronics between the path of the router and the connecting devices, then shift the electronic device to some other place.
  • In case the electronic device is in the same frequency as the Linksys router, you can change the operating frequency of the router by opening the router’s settings page.
  • Even huge metal objects and water bodies like a water tank and fish tank can disturb the router wireless network; in such cases, move the router to some other location away from the metal.
  • Do not use two routers in the same area to avoid the router signal overlapping.

Weak Wi-Fi network:

  • The router’s Wi-Fi network weakens if there are any obstacles like a wall or big objects between the path from the router to the devices connected.
  • Move the router to a better location, where the line of sight between the router and the devices is clear without barrier.

Modify wireless network settings:

  • Instead of using the default network credentials, change the SSID and the password of the Wi-Fi network on the router setup page.
  • Use the security type WPA or WPA2 to protect the network and maintain the connection authentication.

Firmware problem:

  • If the network connection issue persists even after performing many solutions, upgrade the Linksys router’s firmware.
  • Establish the router and the computer connection, then download and install the latest firmware version for the router.
Linksys Router Disconnects Randomly

Router settings:

  • When the router performs unstable operations, then reset the router to the default factory settings.
  • Press the reset button on the router and hold it for a few seconds to clear all the router settings.

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