Linksys Router Flashing

The Linksys router may blink or flash when there are connection issues or hardware problems. The solutions for fixing the Linksys router flashing problem are given below.

All lights Blinking Except Power and Wi-Fi Light:

  • Change the router’s power connection to another electrical outlet to check if it fixes the blinking problem.
  • If the lights don’t stop flashing, remove the power cord and connect a new genuine power cord.
  • If the light stops flashing, it is an output power source issue.
linksys router flashing

Linksys Router Power Light Blinking:

If the router’s firmware is corrupted, the Linksys router’s power light keeps on blinking; you cannot access the router’s web setup page.

Step 1: Power cycling the Linksys’s router

  • To power cycle the Linksys router, unplug the power cord from the power source and remove the cable from your router.
  • Remove all the cables and connections from the router and replug them for solving linksys router power light blinking.
  • Connect the power cord after 30 seconds and turn on the router.

Step 2: Pinging the Linksys router

  • Since there is an issue with assigning the IP addresses to the devices connected to it, ping the Linksys router and check the network connection of the router for solving Linksys router flashing.
  • Open the Command Prompt window and enter ping and type the IP address of the router.
  • Follow the responses and fix the Linksys router blinking issue.
linksys router blinking

Step 3: Reset the router

You can fix the router’s blinking issue easily; however, if the Linksys router blinking red light, the router issue can’t be fixed

  • Ensure that your computer is connected only to the Linksys router and not connected to your modem directly while solving linksys router power light blinking.
  • Locate the reset button on the rear side of the router. Using a pin, press and hold the button for about 30 seconds to solve Linksys router flashing.
  • Unplug the power cable and replug it after 10 seconds.
linksys router power light blinking

Step 4: Update the firmware

  • If the power has not stopped blinking, and you can’t access the router’s web page, update the router’s firmware to avoid Linksys router flashing issue.
  • Ensure that you have an active internet connection to update the Linksys router’s firmware.
  • Open your browser and go to the official Linksys website.
  • Navigate to the router’s support website.
  • In the search panel, enter the model number of your Linksys router and press Enter.
  • Select the Downloads/ Firmware tab in the router’s page and click on the Download Software link for solving linksys router blinking.
  • Choose the hardware version of your router and download the firmware.
  • Open the installer file and update the firmware of the router from your computer.

Internet light blinking:

  • Check your internet connection from the Internet Service provider.
  • Check all the network connection cables, whether linksys router power light blinking is properly fixed.
  • Reboot your router and modem to stop the Linksys router flashing.

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