Linksys Router Port Forwarding Not Working

Signal disturbances:

  • Here are some quick fixes to make sure you do not encounter any port forwarding related problems in your Linksys router.
  • Launch the internet browser and log in to your router-id.
  • Enter the default username and password to gain access.
  • Click the Status tab in the router page.
  • Locate your IP address on the status page.
  • You will see a list of devices with the respective internal IP addresses.
  • Select the Applications & Gaming tab and choose the Port forwarding option.
  • Check to see if the port forward option is enabled, and the radio button is clicked.
  • If the ports are enabled, you can use some third party applications in the browser to see if your port is open and the IP is active.
  • Just enter the IP address of the local network and the port number in the respective fields.
  • If the two options do not work, you can always close the port for good and add a new port for forwarding again.
  • Open the Applications & Gaming tab.
  • The default ports for port forwarding are 
  • 80
  • 88
  • 53
  • 3074
  • The router has two sections to forward ports.
  • Multiple port forwarding
  • Single Port Forwarding
Linksys Router Port Forwarding Not Working

  • Click on Single Port Forwarding.
  • Enter the port to forward in both internal and external port section.
  • Click the Enable option checkbox.
  • Once you recheck all the information added, click on Save Changes.
  • The settings will be saved, and the router will configure the settings. The port forwarding will be enabled.
  • You can recheck to see if the ports are open.
  • Open the third-party services in the web browser and enter the Static IP and the Port number. The results will show that the ports are now OPEN.

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