Netgear Extender Won't Connect To Router

The Netgear extender won't Connect to Router if you face either of the following steps

  • The extender light will blink orange
  • Wi-Fi router is not configured properly
  • Lost internet connectivity
  • Partial reset of extender
  • The extender is not setup properly
Netgear Extender Won't Connect To Router

Follow these troubleshooting techniques to resolve the extender connection issue

Solution 1: Basic check

  • Check and see if the router and extender are adequately connected.
  • Check if the extender LED lights are lit green.
  • The router and the extender should be in the same room.
  • The extender’s hardware should not be faulty.

Solution 3: Power cycle

  • Unplug the extender from the socket.
  • Wait for sometime.
  • Plug the extender back into the power outlet.
  • Turn on your extender.

Solution 2: Extender placement

  • The router and the extender should be set in the same room.
  • There should not be any interference between the router and the extender.
  • Remove any metallic items and other electronic devices near the extender.

Solution 4: Recheck your connection

  • Most of the time, connection problems are caused due to improper connections between your router and extender.
  • Make a wired connection between your extender and router instead of connection.
  • Use a brand new Ethernet cable that is not damaged.
  • If your extender requires a browser login, ensure that you connect your laptop or computer.
  • You can also factory reset your extender if the connections are secure and there is still no connectivity. If you need a remote assistance to resolve Netgear extender won't connect to router issue, click the call button available on the screen.

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