Why My Netgear Router Dns Server Not Responding?

While using a Netgear router, you may face some issues, just as with any other router model. Whether the router is a new one or an old one, you might encounter Netgear router Dns server not responding problem or the other. Let us look into one such issue and discuss the ways of resolving it quickly:

Problematic Scenario:

You have bought a Netgear 3200 router (recently) and installed it on your computer/laptop. It functions quite well most of the time. In some situations, you find that you have some problems when you try to connect your laptop to the router. You are currently running Windows 7 (64-bit) on your laptop/computer. When you click on the Troubleshoot option, the following error message pops up on your computer screen: DNS server is not responding.

Netgear Router Dns Server Not Responding

The Solution to the Problematic Scenario:

Try changing the DNS settings of your Netgear 3200 router to Google DNS to fix the Netgear router Dns server not responding issue. To achieve the same, follow the instructions provided here:

  • You can make use of a device that connects to your network either through a wired or a wireless connection.
  • On your computer/device, open the default web browser.
  • Navigate to the official site of your Netgear router.
  • Log in by making use of the default username and password (that is, if you have not changed it already).
  • The default username will be admin. The default password will be password.
  • Next, after you have logged in successfully, click the Advanced tab. Choose the Setup option and then select Internet Setup.
  • Now, go to the Domain Name Servers (DNS) Address section. In this section, choose the Use These DNS Servers option.
  • Make use of the following Google DNS server addresses and enter the same in the respective fields:
  • For the Primary Address field:
  • For the Secondary Address field:
  • Click the Apply button to save all of your changed settings.

We have now finished discussing the Netgear router Dns server not responding issue while using your Netgear router. We have also found out a method to solve this particular hassle.

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