Why My Netgear Router Power Light Flashing Green?

If you find that your Netgear router’s power light keeps flashes green, then it indicates that the router is having an issue with the firmware. Using the corrupt firmware or outdated firmware or any other firmware error can lead to such issues, indicated by the lights on the router. Read more to know the solutions to fix the Netgear router power light flashing green problem.

1. Update the route firmware

Netgear Router Power Light Flashing Green

  • The old and outdated firmware can cause trouble to the router functions. So, it is better to update it.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect the router and to a computer.
  • Power up the router and make sure the computer detects the router network.
  • Open the browser application on the computer and visit the official Netgear support website.
  • When the webpage opens up, search for the router model you have, using the search bar.
  • When you find the router model, go to its support page.
  • You will find the firmware links on the page. Navigate to the links and select the latest version you have to download.
  • Once the download is completed, unzip the file and save it on the computer for easy access.
  • Now, open the browser window, type the router login URL, and press Enter.
  • When the page shows up, enter the username and password to log in to the router’s setup page to solve Netgear router power light flashing green colour issue.
  • The default username is admin and the password is the one that you used previously.
  • On the router’s configuration page, select the Advanced tab.
  • Choose Administration/Settings and then select Administration.
  • Following that, click the Firmware Update/Router Update menu. Then, browse and select the firmware file that you have stored on the computer.
  • Click the Upload button; later select Update to update the router firmware.
  • Do not try to connect to the router or open the router settings; instead, leave the router as such and wait until it restarts.
  • After the router has restarted, check whether the green light flashing issue has been fixed.

2. Reinstall the firmware

  • Keep the router and the computer connected through the network cable.
  • Before you start, download the current firmware version to the system.
  • After that, install the TFTP software program on the computer from the internet.
  • Run the software, enter the IP address, password, and finally add the firmware software.
  • Continue with the process to successfully install the firmware. Now your Netgear router power light flashing green colour problem is resolved.

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