Netgear Router Stopped Working

A Netgear router stopped working when there are issues with the network connection, router software, and configuration settings. The mentioned steps help you to resolve the Netgear router not working issues.

Network Issue

When connecting the router to any device via the wireless network, check the Wi-Fi network connection. If it is a poor connection, then the router may not work as desired. Place the device near to the Wi-Fi network range so that the network connection does not disrupt.

  • After shifting the device near to the Wi-Fi router network still, the connection is not established and then disable the wireless network and continue to connect the router and the device using the Ethernet connection.
  • Having loose interface cables that are connecting the router and the device stops the router from operating. Fasten the power cord and the network cables tight so that they are secured.
  • Sometimes, the Internet Service of the Wi-Fi network breaks and the Netgear router stopped working properly. Check if the internet service is stable and active; otherwise, contact your ISP provider.
netgear router stopped working

Netgear Router Not Working

Incorrect Router Settings

The incorrect router configuration can be the reason for the Netgear router not working issue, modify the router settings by checking each option individually; otherwise, perform a reset to change the settings at once.

  • Plug the power cable to the router and power up the router.
  • Find the reset button on the router, then take a thin paper clip, and using it hold the reset button for 7 seconds.
  • Then, release the reset button.
  • Now for fixing Netgear router stopped working issue, log in to the router setup page using the default User name and Password, which are admin and password, respectively.
  • Configure the router settings correctly for uninterrupted router service.

Firmware Problem

The old version of router firmware can also causes Netgear router stopped working problem, thus upgrade the firmware to the latest version. To manually update the router firmware, see the below steps;

  • Connect the power cable to the router, and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the Netgear router and the computer.
  • Open the web browser on the computer and go to the router manufacturer’s website.
  • Enter the Netgear router model name and visit the router support page.
  • Navigate to the Downloads section and search if there is any firmware update available to solve Netgear router not working issue.
  • Download and save the update file on the computer.
  • Then, type the Netgear router’s IP address on the web browser and visit the router login page.
  • Input the router Username and password to log in to the configuration page.
  • In the Advanced panel, select Administration. After that, choose the Firmware Update or Router Update option.
  • Now, browse the computer and select the firmware file from the saved location.
  • Click on the Update button to update the firmware on the router.
  • Maintain the router in offline mode and do not turn on the router until the firmware update is over.
  • The router restarts after the firmware update is over. After that, you have to wait for a few minutes to ensure Netgear router stopped working issue fixed.

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