How To Use Netgear Router Wps Setup?

Netgear router WPS setup

The Netgear router WPS setup (WPS) helps you connect to a wireless network without entering its network name and password.

Connect to your Wi-Fi network using WPS wizard.

  • First, connect your computer to the NETGEAR router’s network.
  • Open the Google Browser or Safari web browser on your computer.
  • Type your router’s IP address. Tap the Enter button.
  • On your router’s web access page, click the ADVANCED tab.
  • Select the WPS Wizard option.
  • A window explaining WPS will open. Click the Next button on it.
  • Now, select a Netgear router WPS setup method of your desire.
  • Click the Push button on the WPS page if you wish to connect your device to the network using a single press.
  • If you wish to use the client security PIN to configure the WPS feature, click the PIN Number button.
  • Within two minutes, connect your computer or mobile device to the network.
  • Once the configuration process is completed, a window displaying the confirmation message will appear on the screen.

If you want to specify WPS settings on your NETGEAR router, then follow the instructions given below.

  • Make sure that your computer/mobile device is connected to the NETGEAR router’s network.
  • Now, open a web browser on your device.
  • Type the router’s IP address and follow the on-screen instructions to reach the router’s web access page.
  • On your router’s web access page, click the ADVANCED tab.
  • Select the Advanced Setup option followed by Wireless Settings.
  • In the Wireless Settings window, enable or disable the options based on your desire.
  • Once you have configured the WPS settings as per your desire, click the Apply button.

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