Netgear Smart Wifi Ac1200 Router Setup - Easy Steps

 netgear smart wifi ac1200 router setup

This article deals with the simple and easy procedure for the Netgear Smart Wifi AC1200 router setup. Follow the instructions accordingly and complete the setup.

How to install your Netgear Smart Wi-Fi AC1200 router?

Before starting the router installation, confirm that the Internet service is active.

Prepare your Modem:

  • Unplug the power cord from your modem.
  • Check if the modem has a battery backup. If yes, then remove the batteries.
  • If the modem is connected to another router already, then disconnect the cable that is connected between them.
  • Power off your modem. It should be cabled only to the wall jack for the internet service.

Connect your modem:

  • Turn on your modem after plugging-in. Re-insert the batteries if they are removed earlier.
  • Hold the yellow Ethernet cable and connect it between the modem and your router’s Internet port.

Switch on the router:

  • Take the power adapter and connect its one end to the router.
  • Connect its other end to a power outlet to proceed with Netgear smart wifi AC1200 router setup.
  • The Wi-Fi LED present on the router’s front panel will light up. If none of the LEDs are lit, then press the Power button present on the rear panel of the router.

Connect the PC and router:

Connect the PC using either Ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi.

Wired connection:

  • Hold the Ethernet cable and connect its one end to the PC. Connect its other end to the black Ethernet LAN port on your router.

Wireless connection:

  • Use the preset wireless credentials of the router to connect to it. The wireless credentials are available on the router’s label.

Configure the router:

  • After connecting the router to your PC, the genie screen will appear on the computer’s screen when you open a browser. Go with the steps displayed and connect to the internet.
  • If the PC’s screen does not display the genie screen, then close the browser and reopen it.
  • Input the user name as admin and the default password as the password.
  • Once you log in to the router configuration page, make the required wireless network settings and save the changes.

If you need assistance regarding the Netgear smart wifi AC1200 router setup, then click the Call button available on this page.

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