Netgear Wifi Ac1200 R6100 Router Setup - Quick Steps

 Netgear Wifi Ac1200 R6100 Router Setup

With fast broadband and wireless connectivity, the Netgear WiFi AC1200 R6100 router is considered to be one of the best routers. This particular Netgear router has wireless coverage that is enough to have a connection in your office space to have more than seven wireless devices connected to the router. With the help of the Netgear app, you will be able to add parental controls for the kids and also lets you perform an easy setup.To begin with the Netgear WiFi AC1200 R61000 router setup, remove the router from the carton and remove the accessories provided with the router.

The main accessories are:

  • Netgear router antennas
  • The power cord
  • LAN cable
  • Now place the router next to your computer, take out the antennas from the package and gently screw it to the side and the rear end of the router (Refer to the user manual provided).
  • Make sure the antennas are straight so that you will get proper WiFi performance.
  • Now, make sure you make the proper connections to the router.
  • Take out the power cord from the sealed packaging, connect the pin to the router, and connect the main plug to the power source.
  • The best way to set up the Netgear Nighthawk router is by using your smartphone.
  • On your smartphone, open the Play Store (Android) or the Apple Store (iOS).
  • Search for Nighthawk in the search bar and tap the Install (Android) or the Get (iOS) button on the screen for Netgear Wifi Ac1200 R6100 router setup.
  • The Nighthawk app will now be installed on your smartphone.
  • Open the app and select the option NEW SYSTEM SETUP.
  • Now, you have to follow the on-screen commands and tap the Next button on the smartphone screen.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the computer and tap the Next button.
  • Follow the prompts you see on the smartphone and connect to the internet.
  • At the back of the Netgear Nighthawk router, you will find the user id and the password (both default).
  • Select the Netgear router name shown on your smartphone and tap Next.
  • Now, open the Settings page on your smartphone, select the WiFi or Wireless option.
  • Select the Netgear name as shown on the screen. Then enter the default password given at the back of the router.
  • You will see the connection status on the smartphone screen and finally come across the message Router Detected.
  • Once the connection is found, you can customize the router name and the password for security reasons.
  • Now comes the optional security questions page. This will be useful in case you have forgotten the password.
  • Now you will see the message, Applying Configuration.
  • Once the configuration check is complete, the app will check for any updates on the router firmware.
  • Once the firmware update is done, you will see the message Setup Complete.
  • Tap the Finish button to complete Netgear Wifi Ac1200 R6100 router setup, as seen on your smartphone.

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