How To Port Forwarding Att Router Network?

 Port Forwarding Att Router

Port forwarding helps to router both the incoming and outgoing data on your home network from a remote location. When you configure port forwarding ATT router, you have to set up rules to route data on a port to a specific IP address. Keep in mind that the Port forwarding feature also allows others in your home to access your devices even without their knowledge. If you want to set up port forwarding on your AT&T router, then here are the steps for you.

Step 1

Open Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other web browser on your computer/laptop that is connected to the AT&T router’s network.

Step 2

  • Type (IP address of the AT&T router) in the address bar and press Enter.
  • If prompted for login credentials, enter them in the appropriate fields and click Login or Sign in.
  • This will open the AT&T router’s web interface page.
  • Now, you can access its settings.

Step 3

  • Navigate to the Firewall tab and type your device access code.
  • Note: You can found the device access code on the AT&T router label.

Step 4

  • Select the NAT/Gaming option.
  • If you see any warning message, visit the AT&T router port forwarding tool page and sign in to your account using the correct login credentials.
  • Turn on the Port Forwarding feature.

Step 5

  • Return to the web interface page and click the Continue option.

Step 6

  • Navigate to the Service drop-down menu and choose the application for port forwarding att router.

Step 7

  • If your application is not in the Service list, navigate to the Custom Services section and click the Add/Edit Services option.
  • Fill the Service Name field with the application name.
  • Type the port for Global port range in the Base Host Port field.
  • Choose your application or device protocol from the Protocol drop-down menu.
  • Once done, click the Add option.

Step 8

To add other applications or devices, repeat Step 6.

Step 9

  • Return to the NAT/Gaming page and choose your device name or IP address from the ‘Needed by Device’ drop-down menu.
  • Click Add -> Save.

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