Steps To Reboot Cisco Router Remotely

You are somewhere away from your wireless router. But a sudden issue has occurred on your router and it needs an immediate reboot. How is it possible? How could you access your router remotely to reboot it? It is possible and you can access the router configuration from a remote location. Usually, you use the router’s LAN IP address to access the router configuration page. But when you are accessing it remotely, use the public IP and remote port number. If you want to reboot Cisco router remotely, continue reading.

Step-1: Enable remote management

  • For this step, you need to use the LAN IP address to open the router page.
  • Connect a computer to the router and open a web browser.
  • Input the IP address and press Enter to get into the router login page.
  • Type the valid username and password to log in to the web configuration page.
  • Now, click the Firewall menu and then select Basic Settings.
  • Find the LAN/VPN Web Access menu and choose HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Here, HTTPS allows only the web page with the SSL certificate. So choose it if all your domains have the SSL certificate. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP.
  • Below that, besides the Remote Management menu, tick the checkbox of Enable.
  • Select Enable for the Remote Upgrade menu and then deselect the Any IP Address option beside the Allowed Remote IP Address.
  • Following that, enter the IP address and enter the remote port number (default: 443) in the Remote Management Port field.
  • Click the Save button to save the settings. Now you can reboot Cisco router remotely

Step-2: Reboot the router remotely

  • On a web browser, enter the router’s internet IP address.
  • Replace the last set of numbers with the remote port number and then press Enter.
  • In the router login page, input the username and password to access the web configuration utility.
  • Now, select the Administration menu then choose Reboot.
  • Select the Reboot button to reboot the router.
  • This way, you can reboot Cisco router remotely.
Reboot Cisco Router Remotely

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