How to Setup Belkin N150 Router

how to setup Belkin N150 router

The Belkin N150 router is one of the fastest wireless routers that help you to set up a wireless network within your home or office environment. If you have no idea about how to setup Belkin N150 router for the first time, then this web page is going to help you.

Inside the box:

You can find components such as an Ethernet cable, power cable, and quick setup guide along with the Belkin N150 router inside the router box.

Placing the router:

  • Always prefer an open location to place the router with less distraction.
  • Avoid placing your router near large metal objects and magnets.

Connect the router to a modem:

  • Turn off your modem and disconnect its power cord.
  • Now, connect the Belkin N150 router to the modem using the Ethernet cable provided with the router.
  • The Ethernet cable should be connected to the WAN port of the router.
  • Turn on the modem and then turn on the router.

Once you have connected the router to your modem, the next step is to connect your desktop, laptop, or hand-held device to the router. Before you begin, gather your Belkin N150 router’s default credentials, such as its SSID, password or security key, and IP address. You can find these credentials on the label attached at the back or side of your router.

If your device does not support Wi-Fi, then connect it to the Belkin router directly using an Ethernet cable. But, if it is a Wi-Fi device, then connect to the router as given in the following sections. Continue reading to know how to setup Belkin N150 router and wifi settings.

For Windows users:

  • Click the Network icon in the system tray.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Click on your router’s SSID from the list of available wireless networks.
  • Enter your route’s security key and click the Connect button.

For Mac OS X users:

  • On your Mac computer, click the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Wait for your computer to detect all the available wireless networks.
  • From the list of Wi-Fi networks displayed on the screen, select your router’s SSID.
  • Enter the network key and click the Connect button.

Once your device is connected to the Belkin N150 router, use a browser to visit the router’s web interface and configure the router.

Router Configuration using a web browser:

  • Open the default web browser on your computer.
  • Visit the Belkin N150 router’s web interface login page by entering its IP address:
  • Now, the router’s Dashboard will open up.
  • Click the Detect my connection button in the Welcome window.
  • Wait for the on-going process to complete.
  • Once it is completed, the router will automatically check and update the firmware (if available).
  • Once the firmware is updated, enter the network name and password in the respective fields.
  • Click the Save and Continue button.
  • Now, the window will display your Belkin router’s network name and password, click the Great, what’s next? Button.
  • Now, a window titled Let’s register your router will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the required information in the available fields.
  • Finally, click the Complete Registration button to complete the router configuration.
  • Again, while connecting to the router, make use of the new SSID and password.
  • Finally, you know how to setup Belkin N150 router.

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