Spectrum Router Blinking Red

If your Spectrum router’s Internet LED is blinking red, then it indicates that the modem is not connected to the DSL modem. Only if the internet light turns into solid green on your spectrum router, you can access the Internet via your router. To fix the Spectrum router blinking red issue on your Spectrum router, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

  • First, check whether you are using the standard Ethernet cables to connect your network devices like router, modem, and PC.
  • Make sure that you have securely plugged the Ethernet cable into the LAN and WAN ports.
  • Check the power adapter of the modem as well as the Spectrum router.
  • Verify whether you have selected the compatible network frequency in the router settings (2.4GHz or 5GHz).
  • Try restarting the Spectrum router to check if the Spectrum router blinking red problem is resolved.
  • Unplug the Ethernet cable from the modem first.
  • Next, turn off your Spectrum router and the PC.
  • Reconnect the modem to the Spectrum router using the Ethernet cable.
  • Wait for 2 minutes until the router gets to a steady-state.
  • Make sure that you have connected the power cords correctly to the electrical outlet.
  • If your modem fails to turn on, try connecting the power cord to a different wall outlet.
  • Power on your router and the computer and check if the Spectrum router blinking red problem is fixed.
  • If the problem persists, reset your Spectrum router to the factory defaults.
  • To execute the hard reset, disconnect the power cord from the modem and take out the batteries.
spectrum router blinking red

  • Remove the Spectrum router’s power cord and wait for a minute.
  • Now, reconnect the modem supplies and wait for 2 minutes to power up the modem.
  • Make sure that the modem’s light should gradually turn on and connect to the Internet.
  • Connect the Spectrum router to the wall outlet using the supplied power cord and turn it on.
  • Meanwhile, if possible, connect your modem to your computer directly and check whether you are able to access the Internet.
  • If the Spectrum router blinking red problem remains unsolved, contact your Internet Service Provider to check the internet connection.

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