Tp-Link Error Code 80002 - [SOLVED]

 Tp-Link Error Code 80002

To know the cause and solution to resolve the TP-Link error code 80002, scroll down this web page.If you wish to upgrade your old router with high-speed Wi-Fi and enhanced connectivity, then the TP-Link wireless router would be the right choice. This router is designed to deliver a fast, reliable network for your home and can be used by more than two or more devices at a time. The chance for an error to occur while using a router is quite common. The TP-Link error code 80002 is commonly encountered while saving quick setup settings. That means, after completing the quick setup, when the user tries to save it,

The following error messages are displayed on the screen:

  • Error code: 80002
  • Error Unknown!
  • The main cause for this error is not known. As soon as the TP-Link router error code 80002 is displayed on the screen, reboot your router.
  • If the reboot process doesn’t resolve the error, then go to the router’s Network-WAN Settings page and configure the router settings using the credentials provided by your ISP.
  • If you encounter this error only with a particular ISP, then your TP-Link router is not compatible with that ISP.
  • To make your router compatible with the ISP, update its firmware to the latest version.
  • If the error code 80002 persists even after updating the firmware, then change your router’s IP address and reboot it.
  • Go to your router’s Network Settings page. On this page, locate the router’s IP and change it to a new one.
  • After changing the IP address of your router, make sure to reboot the router.
  • Now, sign into your TP-Link router’s web access page using the new IP address and reconfigure the quick setup.

Check if the TP-Link error code 80002 is resolved. If not, contact us for remote assistance.

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