Tp-Link Extender Won't Connect To Router

If you aren't able to connect your TP-Link extender to the router, follow the below-mentioned Tp-Link extender won't connect to router troubleshooting steps.

  • Check whether the Wi-Fi router is turned on.
  • Make sure you have not enabled MAC filter on your Wi-Fi router before setting up the TP-Link range extender.
  • If you have configured MAC filtering and access control on your Wi-Fi router, disable the settings and reconfigure the TP-Link range extender.
  • Check if you have entered a wrong Wi-Fi password.
  • If the password is incorrect, the connection won't be established properly.
  • Also, check the TP-Link range extender's firmware version by referring to the user manual that comes along with the product, to check it may be any cause of making TP-link extender not connecting to router issue.
  • If you are using an obsolete firmware version, download the latest firmware version from the official TP-Link site.
  • Before downloading the firmware for TP-Link range extender, check if you have a standard internet connection.
  • Make sure not to turn off the computer while downloading the firmware to solve Tp-Link extender won't connect to router problem.
  • After downloading the latest firmware for the TP-Link extender, log in to the Web GUI of the Wi-Fi range extender.
  • Navigate to Settings  System Tools  Firmware Upgrade.
  • Click the Browse button and choose the downloaded firmware file.
  • Click the Upgrade button and wait until the firmware upgrade is complete.
tp-link extender wont connect to router

  • If you wish to restore the same settings on your Wi-Fi range extender, you should create a backup file before upgrading the firmware version.
  • After upgrading the firmware, navigate to Settings  System Tools  Backup & Restore.
  • Now, check if you could connect the TP-Link extender to the Wi-Fi router to ensure TP-link extender not connecting to router issue is fixed.
  • If the Tp-Link extender won't connect to router problem persists, reset the extender settings and reconfigure them with the correct settings.

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