How To Troubleshoot TP Link Modem Lights Flashing?

 Tp Link Modem Lights Flashing

The TP Link modem lights flashing is indicate the connection status of the modem. This will help you to see if your connection is stable or unstable. There are mainly four LEDs on the panel of the TP-Link modem, each serving its own purpose.

  • Power LED - Indicates whether the modem is on or off.
  • ADSL - It is a digital subscriber line where the modem synchronizes and turns green in color once the sync is complete.
  • Internet -This LED will flash to show the data traffic.
  • WLAN Light - If a computer is connected to the modem, you will notice the color, either solid green or flashing green.

Sometimes, the TP-Link modem lights start blinking and this is when you have to troubleshoot the issue using simple steps as mentioned below.

  • Turn off your modem. Again, turn it on to check if the power LED blinks initially and then turns green or white.
  • You can reset the modem to fix the issues on it. On the rear end of the modem you can find the reset button.
  • Hold on to the reset button to reset the modem to its factory settings.
  • If the Power LED is still blinking, you can connect the computer to the LAN port of the modem to manually configure the settings.
  • Set the IP address, Subnet mask, and Default gateway to static.
  • To set the settings to static, follow the directions given below:
  • Navigate through the options, Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click the option Change adapter settings to fix TP link modem lights flashing.
  • Perform a right-click on the Local Area Connection or Wi-Fi option.
  • Select properties and navigate to the option IPv4.
  • Click properties and select the option Use the Following IP address.
  • Enter the proper information for the IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, and DNS Server fields and click OK.
  • The computer will display a static IP address.
  • Once you have done setting the information to static, click the Start menu and open Command prompt.
  • Type "ping" in the Command prompt window and then hit Enter.
  • If you are able to ping, you can close the command prompt.
  • Log in to the TP-Link page with its IP address and enter the default credentials.
  • Once you log in, you can update the firmware of the modem to avoid the further occurrence of the TP link modem lights flashing issue.

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