Fixed: Tp Link Router Bandwidth Control Not Working

 Tp Link Router Bandwidth Control Not Working

Bandwidth control helps to minimize the impact caused when more devices are connected to your TP-Link router. Using this feature, you can assign a specific bandwidth for each device. If the configured TP Link router Bandwidth Control not working, proceed with the steps given on this page.

Step 1 - Firmware update

  • Download the beta version of the TP-Link router’s firmware from the manufacturer website.
  • Unzip the downloaded firmware file.
  • Log into the web-based management page of the TP-Link router using its IP address.
  • The default user name and password are admin. When prompted, enter these details in the relevant fields.
  • Note: The TP-Link router’s default login credentials can be found on its label.
  • On the router’s management page, navigate to System Tools -> Firmware Upgrade.
  • Click the Browse or Choose File button.
  • Choose the downloaded unzipped firmware file and select the Open option.
  • Click the Upgrade button.
  • The TP Link router bandwidth control not working and firmware will be updated.

Step 2 - Configure Bandwidth Control

  • Click the Bandwidth Control option followed by the Control Settings option in the left panel.
  • Select the checkbox beside the ‘Enable Bandwidth Control’ option.
  • If you are having an ADSL modem, navigate to the Line Type field and select the radio button next to the ADSL option. If you are using any other line type, select the Other option.
  • Fill the Egress Bandwidth and Ingress Bandwidth fields with the correct details.
  • Click Save so that the changes you have made will be applied.
  • Select the TP Link router bandwidth control not working option followed by the Rules List option in the left panel.
  • Click the Add New button.
  • Select the checkbox next to the Enable option.
  • Fill the IP Range, Port Range, Egress Bandwidth, and Ingress Bandwidth fields correctly.
  • Choose UDP, TCP, or All from the Protocol drop-down menu.
  • Click the Save option at the bottom of the screen.

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