How To Troubleshoot Tp Link Router No Wireless Signal?

 Tp-Link Router No Wireless Signal

Most of the users might have encountered the wireless signal issue on their TP Link router no wireless signal means your router is not able to detect and connect to your wireless network.

Perform the simple instructions given below to resolve this issue.

  • If you’re encountering this issue on your iPad or laptop, then check whether the Wi-Fi LED status of the router is blinking or not.
  • If the Wi-Fi LED isn’t turned ON, it means the Wi-Fi function is disabled on your TP-Link router.
  • To enable the Wi-Fi function on your router, press and hold the Wi-Fi button for 5 seconds.
  • Once the Wi-Fi light starts to blink, try to connect your device to the router’s wireless network.
  • If the TP-Link router no wireless signal issue persists, then check whether the Internet light on your modem is blinking or not.
  • If not, restart your modem. If the light is blinking, then make sure that your modem and the router are connected securely.
  • If the issue persists on your laptop, then check if the wireless adapter is installed on it.
  • Make sure to enable the Wi-Fi switch on your laptop.
  • On your laptop, change the Startup type to Automatic as mentioned below.
  • lick the Start menu or button.
  • ighlight and right-click on the Computer icon.
  • lick the Manage button.
  • avigate to the Services and Application section in the Computer Management window.
  • lick Services > WLAN AutoConfig. Select Automatic from the Startup type drop-down menu.
  • lick the OK button.
  • ow, go to Control Panel.
  • lick Network and Internet > Network Connections.
  • elect your wireless network and disable it.
  • fter disabling the network connection, wait for sometimes and then re-enable it.

Now, check if the TP Link router no wireless signal issue is resolved.

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