Tp-Link Router Range Problem

People today are more reliant on Wi-Fi routers than any other electronic device. The TP-Link routers are one of those devices that can fulfill all your network related needs. These routers provide a good Wi-Fi speed, unique coverage area, better wireless standards, and also offer better security features. Follow the steps below if you are facing Tp-Link router range problem.

Low signal quality:

  • The placement of the router can always be an issue when it comes to router signals. Make sure to place the router at the center of your home. Avoid placing the router next to walls or glass objects that could block the signals.
  • Keep the router closer to the computer to avoid network range issues.


  • Interference with other wireless devices can cause a massive conflict.
  • The devices that use the same frequency can come in interference with the router signals.
  • Make sure to keep devices such as baby monitor, radio, microwaves away from the TP-Link router to achieve a good signal range on your wireless device.
  • You can either relocate your router or change the wireless channel on the router settings page.

To change the wireless channel in the router, follow the steps given below.

  • Enter the TP-Link router IP address in the address bar of a browser on your computer and press the enter key.
  • Enter the default login credentials to make changes to the TP-Link router settings.
  • In the router’s web interface, click Wireless and select Channel and SSID.
  • In the wireless channel drop-down list, select the channel 1-13 and click the Apply Changes button to fix Tp-Link router range problem.

Power outage:

  • When you face sudden power interruptions, it can also cause the router to drop signals.
  • When you get the power back on, please turn off the power source of the router, unplug the power cord and wait for a couple of minutes to turn it back on.

You have two options to resolve:

Reset the router configuration:

  • Log in to the TP-Link router page.
  • Click the Utilities option and select Restore factory defaults option.
  • Click the Restore Defaults button.
  • The TP-Link router will be reset. Again, set up the router from scratch.

Upgrade router firmware:

  • Enter the TP-Link router’s IP address in the address bar.
  • Enter the default router login credentials.
  • When the Tp-link router page opens, click the Utilities option and select Firmware update.
  • Click the OK button if there are any upgrades.
  • Click the OK button when the prompt says not to turn off or reboot your computer.
  • Once the upgrade is complete, wait for a few seconds and then reboot the computer.
Tp-Link Router Range Problem

  • Click the Enable option and click Apply Changes.
  • The Belkin router is now set as an access point.
  • Make sure you connect the Belkin router to your primary router using an Ethernet cable. Now your Tp-Link router range problem is resolved

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