Guidance For Verizon Router Wps Button Flashing Red

 Verizon Router Wps Button Flashing Red

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a connection method to connect two Wi-Fi devices without any username and password. It is an alternative to the standard wireless network connection method. Routers have the WPS button on them, and the devices you are connecting to the router should also have the WPS option or button or PIN. Without entering the Wi-Fi network name and password, you can easily connect them both. But the router does not work well all the time. Sometimes you could find the router button flashing in different colors. Each color indicates a different issue on the router. Read more on the Verizon router WPS button flashing red problem and its solutions. When you try to connect the router and your device using WPS, if the WPS button blinks red, it means the connection has not been established. If the button blinks red after the WPS connection is set up, it indicates the connection has stopped. The below steps can help you fix the WPS connection problem.

Solution-1: Check the network cable connection

  • See that the modem and the router are connected properly using the network cable.
  • If the cable ends are loose, connect them firmly.
  • Make sure the cable is connected to the right port on the router.
  • Also, check the quality of the cable. If it has been tampered, then replace it with another cable.

Solution-2: Reconnect & restart the router

  • If you are not able to establish the connection, then turn off the router and disconnect the cables.
  • Wait for some time, reconnect the router and modem and connect the router’s power cable to the socket.
  • Once the router turns on, retry to connect the device using the WPS method and see if the red light flashes.

Solution-3: Set up the connection correctly

  • Keep the Wi-Fi devices and the router nearby while trying to connect.
  • Press the router’s WPS button and within two seconds, press the WPS button on the other device to connect securely.

Solution-4: Verify the internet service

  • Check if the internet service is good. Call your ISP to make sure the internet is not down.
  • In case the internet is slow, verify if it is the cause of the red light issue.
  • By using these above steps to configure Verizon router WPS button flashing red light.

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