Why Xfinity Router Blinking Yellow Color?

Xfinity is the brand name of one of the leading ISP’s in the US --- Comcast Communications. Xfinity provides its users with a cableless modem and modern wireless routers. These routers have different indicator lights that denote the status of the router. Please read the following section to know why the Xfinity Router Blinking Yellow and how to fix it.

Cause Of The Yellow Light:

When a router is turned on, and as it begins to transmit the signals over a network, the network speed is indicated by different colors. The yellow light means that the router’s transmitting speed is 1/100 Mbps. Generally, the router blinks green, which indicates the router works with the transmission speed of 1000 Mbps. If your Xfinity router seems to be blinking yellow, then perform the solutions given here to solve the issue.

Xfinity Router Blinking Yellow

Solution-1: Secure The Cable Connection

  • If the network cable between your router and the modem are not secure, the router’s network speed might reduce and cause the light to flash yellow.
  • Tighten the cable ends and check if the yellow light turns green, if still Xfinity router blinking yellow color, follow the below steps.

Solution-2: Verify The Internet Service

  • If you use a separate modem from the Internet Service provider, see that the internet connection is stable.
  • If not, then contact your ISP for better service and make sure that it works properly.

Solution-3: Update The Firmware

  • Keep the router’s firmware updated to improve the network connection.
  • Using an older firmware version can slow down the router’s performance and also limit the network speed.
  • Connect a computer to the router and access the router’s setup page from a browser.
  • Go ahead to update the firmware after downloading the latest firmware to the system.

Solution-4: Reboot The Router

  • At times, there can be no reason for the Xfinity router blinking yellow color, in such a case, restart the router.
  • Verify the router status after the restart.

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